Japanese San, Chan, Sama, Sensei, Kun05:08

Japanese San, Chan, Sama, Sensei, Kun

A video explaining some honorifics.

Japanese Honorifics are popular terms originating from the Japanese language, with the purpose of signifying the subject's status in relation to yourself. Essentially, they are the Japanese equivalent of 'Mr.', 'Miss', and 'Mrs.', with significantly more variation. The presence of commonly-called weaboo culture on Miiverse has caused these honorifics to be used commonly on Miiverse as well, ironically or unironically. Certain honorifics, such as 'senpai' are considered to be memes. Leaving an honorific off of a name in Japanese culture is usually considered to be rude, but sometimes permissable with close friends.

List and meaning of honorifics

  • San - The most common honorific, can be used for nearly any situation or gender.
  • Chan - A term of endearment used for those equal to or below you. Also used for babies, small children, or pets.
  • Kun - A typically male term for friends or those a class below you.
  • Bō - An exclusively male term of endearment.
  • Senpai (or Sempai) - One above you in class, or one you respect or look up to.
  • Sama - A more respectful version of -san or -senpai. Used to refer to those high in class above you, such as a queen.
  • Kōhai - One below you in class, the reverse of senpai.
  • Sensei - Used to show respect to those who have achieved a mastery in something, such as poets or martial artists
  • Hakase - Doctor or Professor
  • Shi - Used in formal writing when referring to one unfamiliar with the speaker.

Use of honorifics

Honorifics are typically attached to the back of a name, such as 'Bob-san'. Certain honorifics, such as senpai or sensei, can be taken further, and used in place of a person's name. 

However how they are used in America are different. In America they are commonly misued. For example calling an adult Johnny-chan is misuse of the honorific. 

Senpai, I made a page for you please notice me now? ;_;

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