Jack and Jill
NNID SamsonWee33
Age 20
Joined Unknown
Community Youtube Community
Followers 10,400
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday 06/21
Alts Jack&Jill2

Jack&Jill (NNID: SamsonWee33) is a well known Miiverse user who posts in the YouTube community, Mario Kart 8 community, and Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U community. He was born on June 21st, 1996. His Mii is made to look like it has two faces (one boy, one girl) hence the name Jack&Jill. His real look is unknown. 

Jack&Jill left on August 3rd, until he decided to come back on August 10th.


  • SamsonWee33 - Main, Active, 100 friends, following 1,000 users, 10,424 followers, 1,531 posts, and has yeahed 267,033 posts/comments.
  • GeminiSwag33 - Alt, Deleted.


Jack&Jill has a few O.C.'s which include: Samson Wee, "Zach", "Lilly" (Possibly named after his daughter), Random Randy, Admin Adam, and some random monster-looking creature.
Samson Wee

Samson Wee



Random Randy

Random Randy

Followers and popularity

Jack&Jill currently has more than 8500+ followers. Most of his posts gets more than 30 or 20 yeahs and, a lot of times, yeahs that reach into the hundreds. Most of his posts can get hundreds of comments because, well, he's a popular user.

He also does contests where the winner gets his/her name displayed on his profile as a featured user.

Even though he is a famous user, he thinks of himself as a normal user who will become friends with anyone. Making his popularity intensify in numbers. And he will friend anyone who is really nice to him, such as ßαлε, Aubuscus, ☆DI●N★, and more.

However, Jack&Jill does have some critics. Some users say Jack&Jill's followers aren't deserved, arguing that Jack&Jill's Mii and the fact that he yeah bombs the YouTube community frequently is the main reason why he is popular.

Jack&Jill has an imposter. The imposter's Mii and NNID are almost exactly the same. The imposter's NNID is SamsonWee3, just like the real Jack&Jill except it only contains one 3, the imposter account even has the same profile comment, word by word. The reason for the creation of the imposter account was probably to get followers, but it didn't work, considering the account only got 2 followers.

Not many people were tricked by the account because there was major differences from the real Jack&Jill, such as drawing skills. His 'featured user section' always says the same thing. Featured user: Smoochlaka (asmooch4u) Follow her!
15jnj3kvzk31m normal face

Jack&Jill's imposter. Notice something different?


  • He's 19 years old, and has a baby girl named Lily who he sometimes draws and posts about.

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