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NNID sonicfan21
Age 16
Joined January 11, 2015
Community YouTube Community
  • Super Smash Bros. Community
  • Pixel Paint Community
  • Tomodachi Life Community
  • New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 550+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 8/23
Alts threepointonefor


JR is a Miiverse user who joined on January 11, 2015. Since he joined, he has been very active within the YouTube Community, the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS Community, later the Pixel Paint Community and the Splatoon Community. He typically posts about video games, drawings, and stuff that he likes.

He is also fairly popular and has 94 friends, 550+ followers and follows 600+ people. On May 15, 2015 he got his first 2 week ban. Because of that, he created his Pi account and started to get lots of followers again. He also has two alternate accounts, one named Pi (threepointonefor) on his Wii U, and the other JR (sonicfan210), for his 3DS. On June 24, 2015 he created a Miiverse profile on his 3DS. He normally posts drawings and Tomodachi Life screenshots on his 3DS profile. He changed his Mii to Mr. Krabs on August 7, 2015 because of how users had been treating him. He went to the Tomodachi Life Community on August 24 after he got the game for his 3DS His Friend Code is 2809-9001-5315.

He likes to draw and talk about what he likes. His most Yeah'd post is his pregnant Princess Peach post with 200+ yeahs. It was the thirty-eigth post in the popular posts of the Super Smash Bros. Community on June 1st and the fourteenth post on June 2nd. His other popular posts are his Happy Tree Friends Flippy drawing, his current welcome post, and his "Superban" post. He also creates lots of funny posts to get others to laugh. He sometimes does drawing requests and accepts others' friend requests sometimes. He also Yeah Bombs other people if he likes their posts. He is also here because of his best friend and Miiverse veteran Segatendo1985, who helped him start using Miiverse.


2toveqiv2ufdw normal face


Pi is JR's alt account who started on May 15, 2015. He was created as an alt following his first two-week ban. He still uses it on occasions after the ban on his main account was lifted on May 29, 2015. Like on his main, Pi has received quite a following on the Pixel Paint Community, Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U Community and YouTube Community for his detailed drawings and because his mii is unique. He had over 200 followers on his first week on Miiverse. His Mii's self portrait, which would become his favorite post, was even listed under the Popular Posts section of the Pixel Paint Community on May 16 as #8 and #3 on May 17. As of 7/28/15 it has over 450 yeahs and 200 comments. He reposted it because he can't comment on it anymore due to the Miiverse redesign lowering the comment limit.

Pi is known for his great artworks such as his Profile Picture, his Drawing of Gio, his diamond drawing, and many more. He plans on making more great art pieces in the future if he has time to.

Pi is based of the Greek symbol, Pi, as well as the user being well known by the Smashers.


  • He has had his Wii U and 3DS for about a year and a half before he actually started using Miiverse.
  • He has been blocked by people on his Pi account because of his Mii.
  • He has Twitter, Deviantart, and Youtube accounts
  • He wants to become a Miiverse Admin.
  • In real life, he is a photo editor and a LEGO builder.

Pixel Paint Drawings:

  • Mario
  • Baymax
  • Flippy
  • Heavy from TF2
  • Eye
  • sphere
  • His favorite post
  • Profile Pic on alt
  • Gio
  • Gio after he changed his favorite color
  • Gia (genderswap Gio)
  • Gary
  • Profile pic on genderswap week
  • His 500 follower special (aka his YouTube icon)

Miiverse Drawings:

Pictures he didn't draw himself:

 Super Smash Bros. Snapshots:

  • Baymax Joins the Battle
  • Eggman's Final Smash
  • Yoshi Giving Birth
  • LANK
  • Pregnant Peach
  • His Face as a smash bros stage
  • Request from one of his friends
  • SuperBan
  • Shadow for Smash
  • Cory VS Shrek
  • Dr. Shreggman!!
  • Wow

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