Age 13
Joined 2012
Community Smash Communtity
Followers 700+ on all accounts
System(s) owned Wii U


Birthday December 26th
Alts BannedJMike

codsmartyoloswag NewJMike3D

JMike is an average Miiverser that's been on since 2012 and has six accounts, four of which he uses. (One was perma'd, the other was retired to start new life on Miiverse). His current NNIDs are NewJMike, BannedJMike (currently banned), codsmartyoloswag, (his troll account he sometimes uses as a backup) and NewJMike3D (currently banned). His favourite game is Fire Emblem: Awakening and he has a lot of unpopular opinions. He is going to nip John in the butt. He hates Andy because he touched him in a place that's no good.

The History of JMike

From Humble Beginnings

JMike got a Wii U for Christmas 2012. He was bad at making requests at the time, so he requested people like Cloud Strife and Raiden, but also suggested Miis before they were cool. Then, he got really into the miiverse game, and then the....

Gamby Revolution

happened. After watching all four WPOMs at the time, he started talking to the Major Miiverser. He was a cool guy, or so it seemed. He didn't realize that Gamby would soon be the cause of his Miiverse death. An argument between Gamby and his fans from a man named c3po calling all Gamby fans "slaves". JMike was there, and he argued too. BUT C3PO WAS CORRECT. He also formed a strong bond between Gamby's friend Matthew. Matthew would then make a review group called T5G, where he was one of the founding fathers.  But Matthew would later stab him in the back.


JMike was starting to notice that he was being ignored and lied to by Giga Gamby. He found a time to tell him that he was doing such. But Giga Gamby was acting all stupid to him, like he had no idea what was going on. JMike threatened to report him. But then, Gamby's friend Pig Duck raged and reported JMike, and it permabanned his first account.

The T5G War AKA The Dumbest Thing You've Ever Heard.

JMike got on his alt and decided to quit Miiverse. He also told his buddy Matthew he was quitting T5G and to give the job to someone else. But for some reason, he got mad. So mad in fact, he called the rest of the T5G crew to finish me off by report bombing me, by saying he "want to perma and console the T5G crew". Real mature, guys. But no admin messages were given. He tried to tell everyone to calm down and it was nobody's fault, only Pig Duck was part of T5G. Giga Gamby tried to defend him, and did it successfully After the war, JMike left the Miiverse forever.

Or Did He?

JMike made a new account and never used his old accounts ever again. He successfully kept being friends with most of Gamby's friends, however, it hasn't been the same with the other T5Gers.

Hey, look! Ridley was revealed!

And irresistable is what I am, baby.

—Leo Luster

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