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Her Mii.
NNID izzy128
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Newfoundland and Labrador Club Community

(Wii Sports Communities)

Followers 261+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts Teh-Third-One

TryThisOnForSize StampOnTheGround Scarf_Hero_Izzy PewtatoXIzzy ohicee I_MISS_AMBER Izzy_X_Zephyr Izzy_Loves_You Izzy_Is_Back IzzyXSaga IzzyPool IzzyNumbah1 IzzyDaBlueCat IzzyCanDrawM8 ILikeSkrillex FromALittleShell Cornsog BringTheMadness izzy128 IzzeeRascal IzzyStrikesBack Adorabella-666 OTPBumblebee


Izzy is a well-known and popular Miiverse user. She has many good friends, her best being ByoutifulPootis, flamingcheese, and XSkrillexX (also known as Amber, random guy, and Angel, respectively). Izzy was known for posting in the Super Smash Bros. Series Community and The Legend of Zelda Series Community, She currently posts in the New Super Luigi U and Wii Sports Communities now. She is a self-proclaimed "idiot." Izzy is obsessed with emoticons, as she sometimes uses them to end a sentence.


Izzy has been console-banned on her Wii U and New 3DS XL. So, here are most of her accounts.

  • Teh-Third-One ~ Gaming Account, Banned.
  • TryThisOnForSize ~ Banned.
  • StampOnTheGround ~ Banned.
  • Scarf_Hero_Izzy ~ Banned.
  • PewtatoXIzzy ~ Banned.
  • ohicee ~ Banned.
  • I_MISS_AMBER ~ Banned.
  • Izzy_X_Zephyr ~ Banned.
  • Izzy_Loves_You ~ Banned.
  • Izzy_Is_Back ~ Banned.
  • IzzyXSaga ~ Banned.
  • IzzyPool ~ Banned.
  • IzzyNumbah1 ~ Banned.
  • IzzyDaBlueCat ~ Banned.
  • IzzyCanDrawM8 ~ Banned.
  • ILikeSkrillex ~ Banned.
  • FromALittleShell ~ Banned.
  • Cornsog ~ Banned.
  • BringTheMadness ~ Banned.
  • izzy128 ~ Banned, 208 followers, following 190, 349 posts, 5,893 posts yeahed, 1 friend.
  • IzzeeRascal ~ Banned, 188 followers, following 198, 273 posts, 4,132 posts yeahed, 0 friends.
  • IzzyStrikesBack ~ Banned, 195 followers, following 190, 117 posts, 3,933 posts yeahed, 0 friends.
  • Adorabella-666 ~ Inactive, 218 followers, following 220, 382 posts, 9,811 posts yeahed, 0 friends.
  • OTPBumblebee ~ Active

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