NNID ItalianGuyDaMan
Age 12
Joined Early 2013/Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 290+, now 14
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts helloimbilly (permabanned, then deleted)

helloimrico (permabanned) nb627wiiu (permabanned) helloimbillyimp (consoled) Kwinci_Iz_Keel (consoled) MasterRooster6 (consoled) IceColdRapper (consoled) TheOgLuth (consoled) He had a 3DS account, but it was deleted. wolverEEEEEEEEEN (abandoned) ItalianGuyDaMan (current nnid)

ItalianGuy (ItalianGuyDaMan) is a user who is a great fan of MOTHER/EarthBound, Bayonetta, and Polandball, his Mii is himself IRL, I think. He also gets banned too quickly. So he got consoled. (RIP) But then, he revived from the dead by the ultimate power of alts...but died AGAIN and came back again with the power of alts because god loves him I guess.

His Journey

Antonio joined Miiverse in Early 2013, but this is not confirmed, as his first account has been deleted, so he cannot look at his 1st post. He is also unsure if he is an original Smasher. He remembers almost nothing of his past Miiverse experience in 2013.


Next to nothing is known about him in 2013. I have to leave this blank. But I CAN tell you he started off as a user named nb627 and the NNID nb627wiiu.


In February 2014, his primary account changes, as he is banned for two weeks. He uses his other account, called blue (helloimbilly). nb627wiiu is now an alternate account. He posted random things most of the time, nothing special. BUT this year, he befriended Adrian (marioangrybirdsfan), soon to become best friends.


By far his most active year. On April 13, 2015, blue was permanently banned from Miiverse. This caused him to move to his other account, yellow (helloimrico) to state he has been permabanned.Moments after his 1st permaban, he stated that if he got another ban he would leave. He got a ban shortly after. But due to his friends encouragement, he stayed. 1 month later, lime got permabanned, and another month later, yellow got permabanned. As he stayed in his 4th account, orange (IceColdRapper), which was current account. After 1 year, he finally went back as a smasher in the Wii Fit U community after the "Clone Wars" happened. Sometime later, he created a EarthBound OC, named Ian, who is his Mii until September. Little happened after, until the Miiverse Genocide update. He, like the majority of users, was outraged of this update. He got banned twice when the update was in action. Then the Miiverse Redesign came. He was also outraged by this update. He now is in the NSLU community, doing some dumb and mediocre rants, or trashposting like crazy, until in November when he got consoled and has no plans to return.


Now Antonio wants to return, so he asks for an alt from Anthony (sonic5515). It is made on January 30th, and now he just...trashposts. But sonic5515 was then console banned, locking out the alt. However, on May 4th, Antonio got a refurbished 3DS, and made a seperate account, not linking it to the Wii U, and going by his new name on the interwebs, ItalianGuy. He now posts much less to NSLU and posts more to Dream Team and Tomodachi Life, but has gone very unactive. He now has became more active, and also wants his own club empire thing.


  • Adrian
  • Mikey
  • Justin
  • Anthony
  • Nintuber
  • Niko


  • His first handheld console was a DS Lite.
  • He is a decent SSB4, SSF2, and SSBB player.
  • His first Mii was named nb627 after his old youtube channel, but he later changed to blue, with his alts being lime, yellow, and orange, as an inspiration from the Algicosathlon series made by the youtuber Carykh. After he moved to WFU, he gained love for EarthBound, and changed to a fan character of the series. His last mii was him IRL on Wii U, and on his 3DS his mii changed slightly.
  • His real name is Antonio.
  • He is Italian/American.
  • He created 4 troll accounts, Quinpoo, Admin, OG$Luth3r, and the other we shall not say.
  • He's not sure if he was an original smasher.
  • He used to hate FNAF, but now he's Neutral with it. But he hates it again, and now doesn't give a fuck.
  • He was a brony.
  • He likes Polandball A LOT.
  • He likes Bayonetta EVEN MORE.
  • He likes EarthBound TOO MUCH.
  • He's a mediocre to good drawer on Pixel Paint.
  • He used an account named X-min to give "presents" to various users and got some banned, but he has stopped doing it. He caused some small drama by doing this.
  • He goes by ItalianBayoThint, but his mii name is still ItalianGuy because that name is too long.
  • He likes TWOW and has his own custom book.
  • He'/ trying to conquer all of the ITA communities from FREEGE, because Italy.
  • He has a discord.


  • "BRING ME THAT ***!!!"
  • "Plays Marth with friends: everyone else is Lucas."
  • "Yep."
  • "Now you just pissed me off."
  • "Meh."
  • "You will have the most MLG chat ever."
  • "I'm probably the worse side."
  • "Lucas is a rip off of Claus."
  • "At this moment Antonio knew...there was no good...there was no hope...there was no god...only satan."
  • "Touch me more mom."

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