lol what am i doing here

NNID IsaXCheren
Age 14
Joined December 9, 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community, Alabama Sports Club
Followers 1000+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts Isa-chan (NNID: IsaWuvsCheren)

Isa (NNID: IsaXCheren) is a user that regularly posts in the New Super Luigi U Community. She also draws often in the Pokémon Art Academy Community. She's been on Miiverse since its early days and is generally nice to others.


Isa is an artist. She has made and yeahed over 2,000 posts. She's currently following 90+ users and has 1000+ followers of her own.


"hand me that warm plate of mmmmmemes"

"pretzel sticks"

"what happened to my art"

"cool guys"'

"im trash okay"'



  • Her posts get an average of 7-10 Yeahs.
  • Now she likes Caulynn instead of Cheren, RIP Cheren.
  • Her favorite anime is Black Butler.
  • She loves Unova and Pokémon Generation 5.
  • She's a huge weeaboo.
  • She loves collecting amiibo.
  • She is a former admin on Scarf Heroes and on LMR.

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