Illuminati Confirmed
Illuminati Confirmed
The Illuminati symbol
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Status Alive
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The Illuminati is a meme on Miiverse and other parts of the internet based off and associated with the symbol of 


the organization by the same name. This meme is generally used in the form of "Illuminati confirmed" and is associated with the numbers, 1, representing the eye in the centre of the pyramid, and 3, which represents the number of sides in a triangle, and 666, or just 6, because the Illuminati is associated with Satanism. Another form that the meme uses is "Proof that _____ is Illuminati."

This meme was very popular to the Smashers during the Wii Fit U era, and even some users from the Youtube Community joined in.

KSI is illuminati Confirmed

a man in the illuminati

How to Prove Someone is a Member of the Illuminati

The main way to prove someone is "Illuminati confirmed" is to find a triangle that may or may not fit the Illuminati symbol. For example, the picture to the left.


Bala's drawing of illuminati hand signs

The Illuminati also has 3 hand symbols, and people who make those symbols are undoubtedly a member of the Illuminati. These hand gestures are the triangle (self-explanatory), the O.K. hand sign (The fingers makes three 6's sharing one circle), and the rock hand sign (the extended little and index finger make goat devil horns).

Background on the Illuminati

The Illuminati is a seceret society that was founded on May 1st, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt in the Electorate of Bavaria within the Holy Roman Empire (modern day Germany). The society's goals were to oppose supersition, obsurantism, religious influence over public lives and abuses of state power. The order was disbanded by Karl Theodor, Elector of Bavaria and Count Palatine of the Rhine, although some rumours claim they still exist. One of the first of such rumours claimed they were behind the French Revolution of 1789 - 1799. They are often rumoured to control world affairs by planting agents in the government and corporations. Many people think that they are lurking in the shadows and pulling strings and controlling the power over novels, movies, television shows, comics, video games, and music videos. One notable rumour claims that the Illuminati is led by Reptilian aliens.



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