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IGN is a website that reviews things such as video games, movies, television, comics, and technology.

IGN is infamous on Miiverse due the sites controversial reviews, and also the memes created on Miiverse and other sites.

"0/10 It's not COD" Meme

Miiverse users started a meme in which consists to make a bad review of any game (except COD or any FPS (First Person Shooter)) and giving it a bad rating because it's not COD. An example being, "No guns, not worth it. 0/10" ~IGN. This meme is one of the many popular Miiverse memes.

"7.8/10 Too Much Water" Meme

"7.8/10 Too much water" was a popular meme used on Miiverse and in various other parts of the internet during the time IGN gave the rating. It started on November 18th, 2014, when IGN posted their review of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The game was given a 7.8, one of the reasons being "Too much water."

Ever since then, this statement has been a joke on the internet, with many satirical posts following. When someone asks another person to rate a game, story, etc. on Miiverse, chances are they will say "7.8 Too much water". Various jokes have also popped up, saying IGN works for Team Magma. People dislike the review due to the fact the Pokemon series main games having a higher rating, this is a common meme used to this day.

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