A "hyperban" is something that happens when you bypass a Console Ban too many times using the SecureInfo_A exploit, use too many hacks in online games, or do literally anything else that violates the Nintendo Network Services Agreement and is far enough to get your device banned. Hyperbans prohibit you from using Nintendo Network ID services, as well as online play. It is tracked by the DeviceID, which cannot be changed unless you use the device certificate of another Wi-Fi enabled Nintendo device. (This includes both Wii and Wii U, as well as an unhyperbanned 3DS) Trying to log into a hyperbanned NNID will give you an error stating "This Nintendo Network ID cannot be used", even if that account is not banned from Miiverse. A hyperban can occur on any Nintendo device with internet connectivity, though 3DS ones are the most common as Wii U users don't have as many hacks available and the Wii/DS don't have online play anymore. (Device certs also can't currently be dumped from DS or DSi consoles without a hardmod)

Hyperban Burn

Hyperban burn is a phenomenon known to occur before Miiverse-related hyperbans where the admins permaban or consoleban every account you make within hours of it being made, even if the account has done nothing wrong or nothing at all. Hyperban burn can go on for weeks or even months before eventually resulting in a hyperban. No amount of waiting will stop this from happening: Nintendo does not forgive, Nintendo does not forget. This doesn't affect online services, though the hyperban this warns you about does.

If you experience hyperban burn at any point when using the SecureInfo_A exploit, run as far as you can stop using all Miiverse services immediately and pray Nintendo doesn't go any further. If you get a message like at the bottom of this page, you are in huge risk of a hyperban if you are using Miiverse hax.

Users Affected

The Hyperban Massacre of 11/16

On November 8th of 2016, the game files for Pokemon Sun & Moon were leaked on 4chan, and anyone with a hacked 3DS was able to download and install the game 10 days before release. This was all fine and dandy, but something later happened. 


This thread had 23 pages over the course of 2 hours, many of which reporting hyperbans and asking for help.

Game Freak, seeing how pirates had gotten into the game before release using hacks and were using online functionality before it was intended to be used, decided to run a filter to automatically hyperban just about everyone who had done online activities in the leaked copy of the game. This resulted in hundreds of users going to 3DS hacking forums like GBATemp to report that they could no longer access online or NNID servers anymore, resulting in multiple threads being made. 

Wii U Bans

Since the Wii U uses the NNID server for online play, various users have been banned for cheating in Mario Kart 8, Splatoon, etc. Bans from online play are more common on Wii U than 3DS, but they're still possible on 3DS.

This of course restricts both online play and NNID services, but can also restrict other services such as TVii and eShop.

The error code appears to be the same as on 3DS; 102-2812 as opposed to 022-2812

Hyperbans from Miiverse on Wii U are very uncommon, but are possible through immense hacks.

How to remove a hyperban

There are currently 3 ways to remove a hyperban.

  1. (The easy way) Send your system back to Nintendo claiming it randomly powers off and they'll send you a new one without the hyperban.
  2. (The technical way) Dump the device cert from a hacked O3DS/N3DS/2DS, and use Telerik Fiddler to change the headers on it and inject it into the NAND of your hyperbanned system. This method hasn't been publicly released completely yet due to its complexity, but might get simpler soon. You can dump the certs though using the tutorials linked.
  3. (The a$$hole way) Call Nintendo over the phone and trick them (using a social engineering trick) into removing the hyperban. This method works once in a blue moon though, and should only be used as a last resort.


  • The Hyperban was first implemented in the Wii era for the Wii Shop Channel. Back then, Wii Shop bans and Nintendo WFC bans were separate. 
  • Hyperbans use the deviceID rather than the Serial Number. This is from ARM9, therefore it cannot be changed. (The current deviceID patch for arm9loaderhax instead hides the parameter from requests and tells the server that a seperate field with a value that we can change is the deviceID)
  • Hyperbans only affect the console/NNIDs that abused the exploit too much, and any other consoles on the same network are unaffected.
  • If a Wii U is connected to a hyperbanned 3DS account, logging into the account on Wii U gives you the same results, with that account not being able to access Wii U NNID/online services either. This only affects that account and any other accounts on that Wii U not linked to a hyperbanned 3DS will work as usual.
  • The term "Hyperban" was coined by PF2M.
  • Originally, you were able to use Wii device certs to remove hyperbans. However, it has been patched.
  • Hyperbans are random and usually happen in clusters.
  • A hyperban wave has previously occurred in 2015 due to stolen money from the deepweb being used in the eShop.
  • The error code from the server is 0012, and the message given from the server is "Device has been banned".

The hyperban message. (on 3DS)

20160903 101640

Zeast's hyperbanned 3DS.


Japanese Wii U hyperban message

Olv.portal.account deleted

Account deletions like these (or a similar screen on 3DS/Web) WITHOUT an NNID deletion is a clear indication of Hyperban Burn.

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