The Triforce.


Link, shrugging.

Zeldians/Hylians are users who mainly post in The Legend of Zelda Community and are fans of the series as a whole. They enjoy sharing their opinions, drawing certain characters, and continue to be on-topic. Many Smashers would declare that the majority of these users are bothersome and typically false report. Although they thrive in The Legend of Zelda Community, these users have not built stable grounds, in other words, a large amount of posts gain 2-5 Yeahs at a time, and there is typically less than 1 post per minute on the community. Some Zeldians/Hylians completely respect Smashers, but usually aspire them to post somewhere else. While some despise them to the point of actually false reporting them.


As many Miiverse users know, the "Triforce" of communities were the Super Smash Bros. Community, The Legend of Zelda Community and the YouTube Community. Suddenly, everything changed when the Super Smash Bros. Community converted into a non-Special one, which left the Smashers alone, scattered, and lost.

The Zeldians/Hylians were troubled when all of these off-topic users needed a place to stay, and the two did not see eye-to-eye. Some from both sides offered peace, but there was always some sort of conflict between the two. In this process, false reports skyrocketed on both ends to attempt at extinguishing this situation, but it only lead to both sides collapsing. Many users were banned, many were never to be forgiven again, and to this day, it remains that way. In some cases, the Youtubers also interfered making it even more disastrous at times. 

However, that has changed now, the Smashers moved over to the Wii Fit U Community. This was suggested by a Zeldian/Hylian user named Raiden to one of a popular user, Rosaline. It seems certain things have cooled down, but there will always be rivalry between the two groups.



The character Midna holding a Link plush.


The character Link holding three potions.

Although, a great amount of these users tend to draw non-refined Triforces and such, there are many talented and practical Zeldians/Hylians out there. Some utilize careful and accurate techniques to finish with a beautiful end result. Many may think that the large majority have a one-track mind, however, each of these users share different opinions and perspectives. For example, not all of these users praise The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as there are others with another perspective on Zelda games. Zelda fans range in age, and they all certainly have a diverse range of opinions.


Zeldians/Hylians are typically looked down upon as many consider that these users take it too far when it comes to protecting their community. This thought was caused because of the infamous user Cold Midna, whom has created a small group that planned to target every single popular Smasher in hope that they crumble as a whole, saving their community and restoring it to be on-topic once again. However, these users went against their agreements with a Smasher representative, Nostalgic. ColdMidna and her band of false reporters are certainly corrupt, and because of this, have given the Zeldians/Hylians a bad name.


Because that the Smashers have moved away to the Wii Fit U Community, they now post on-topic posts, happily. But every on a rare occasion, some Smasher will either of the following:

  • Troll them into thinking that Link is Zelda
  • Say every Zelda game is horrible
  • Or say that the Legend of Zelda Community is a horrible place

They usually fall into the traits. They either be mature about it, or be incredibly rude and/or judgmental. Some will try to troll back, but they usually fail at it.


  • These and many more events have caused a constant and ongoing rivalry between the Smashers and the Zeldians/Hylians.
  • ColdMidna's clan was not the only false reporting group out there, as there were many others who disliked the Smashers. This includes certain members from the YouTube Community.
  • Legend of Zelda Community is still active and considered a Special Community.

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