2keqitbrdgbbx normal face
NNID Samyatang
Age 15
Joined December 10th, 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 1,200+
System(s) owned both
Birthday August 10th
Alts Samyatang2, Pinkiebelle777

Samyatang Haylee is an artist who draws pictures of herself, Daisy, Pink Gold Peach, and occasionally others. She now rarely participates in memes, however, she likes to post random things.

She claims to hate the fictional character Princess Peach but loves her at the same time. But it's pretty apparent that she actually loves Peach more than she hates her.

Haylee started on Miiverse as being a crazy obsessed Princess Daisy fan, which made her a tad infamous. As of late, she rarely talks about Daisy.

Dark Haylee (Dark Hayly) is a persona of herself she made in the summer of 2014, and a lot of users know her as Dark Hayly, arguably more so than just plain Haylee.

Haylee was most active on Miiverse late 2013 to mid 2015. But as of late, she doesn't post as often and takes long breaks from Miiverse occasionally.


  • She is a veteran Smasher.
  • She wants Daisy and Young Link in Smash Bros.
  • She has a character named Dr. Roy.
  • She made an original character, Princess Flara, who's a spoof of Rosalina.
  • She has a twin cousin by the name of Caylee, who is also a user of Miiverse.

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