NNID HappyMaskShop
Age Unknown
Joined 3/13/15
Community The Legend of Zelda Community
Followers 1420+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

HappyMaskShop was a RP account created by Nintendo for the purpose of an interview with Marichan. His Mii is the Happy Mask Salesman character from Zelda OoT and Majoras Mask.

The HappyMaskShop hasn't made any posts, the only activity he was ever part of was a special Miiverse meeting in the Legend of Zelda Series Community. HappyMaskShop and the verified user Marichan discussed and talked about the remake of Majoras Mask coming for the Nintendo 3DS. They talked about things such as Majoras Masks new and old features, story, and many other things about the game.


  • He has been in one of the first Miitings on Miiverse.
  • He was only active during the 13th, the day Majoras Mask 3D was released.


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