I sell propane and propane accessories

—Hank Hill
Hank Hill
His Mii.
NNID SmithersReturns
Age Unknown
Joined 2014
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers 500+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu Wii U

SO N3ds 3DS

Birthday August 1st
Alts HankHillGaming

Hank Hill A.K.A The most dank propane seller was a semi-popular male user who regularly posted in the Wii Fit U community with the smashers until he was console banned on his Wii U in March of 2015 and 3DS in May of 2015. He joined Miiverse in June of 2014. He has recently returned to Miiverse on August 1, 2016 with a NEW 3DS XL. His new NNID is RangersFan089. When he first joined Miiverse, he posted in the e3 2014 community until he moved into the smash community. He has a heated rivalry with another user named Charley360 but other than that he is cool down to earth guy and is easy to talk to (Unless he his mad about something.) He was a big fan of KoTH which inspired the creator to make this account which turned out to be successful. He also has a YouTube channel but it is currently inactive and he doesn't plan on uploading anytime soon. He is also a big fan of ERB (Epic rap battles of history.) His main (SmithersReturns) had up to 500+ followers and 100 friends until he was console'd. If you need to contact him for some reason, he has a LMR account which can be found here:


  • He absolutely hates charcoal and loves propane.
  • His gaming NNID is HankHillGaming (Which is currently inactive)
  • He currently has 20 amiibo.
  • He supports Propane x Hank Hill
  • His mii and name is based of the show King of the hill.


I sell propane and propane accessories

Propane > Charcoal

Propane is my waifu

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