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Fed9brmznkhy normal face
NNID Harmicar
Age 15
Joined 2013
Community Super Luigi U Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned Both
Birthday July 13th 2001
Alts HaleysBeatlesAlt, MySweetLord, Harmicar, HayBayHarHar, msshayshabay, GoldenSlumbers, IAmTheWalrus
 Haley is a user that usually posts things about music. She is a smasher and she loves to give yeahs, and is generally a friendly user but sometimes has a lot of sass. She is obessed with Paul McCartney for some reason.

She loves all different genres of music.

Haley was once a very active user on Miiverse and the Wii Fit U Community, whoever she has become very inactive and has not been seen since the Wii Fit U days of Miiverse.

She is currently living in California with her family and black pug roxy. She has a twitter account mainly focused on ex-memeber of Panic! At the Disco; Ryan Ross. @behiindthesea is her twitter.


  • Her main HayBayHarHar was perma-banned after 4 temporary bans with 400 followers.
  • Her other alt accounts GoIdenSlumbers, msshayshabay, MySweetLord and IAmTheWalrus are perm'd also.


  • "oh god this is all so cringeworthy"
  • "behind the sea with two i's"
  • "fuck me on the ass cause I love jesus"
  • "hump me, fuck me! daddy better make me choke!"


  • She is 15 years old
  • She's severely depressed.
  • She also likes the bands Panic! At the Disco, twenty one pilots, Queen, and Paul McCartney and the Wings. She also likes many other bands as well.
  • She plays the ukulele and knows how to play quite a few songs by The Beatles on it.
  • She plays mandolin, electric and acoustic guitar.
  • Her theme is But it's Better if You Do by Panic! At The Disco.
  • She is featured in 'Epic Rap Battles of the Wii U', a series created by the user Anthony. Haley went up against Barbara, another popular Beatles fan on Miiverse

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