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Also known as Supereggy5 on LMR
NNID Supereggy5
Age 17
Joined July 2013
Community YouTube Community
Followers 337
System(s) owned SO WiiuSO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts HypnoticLoser

Haipna (NNID: Supereggy5 ) (previously known as KoolGuy and Globus) is a Miiverse user that joined in July 2013.

His true identity is unknown, as he uses an OC for his Mii... which is female.. "She's more of a mascot character." He is often referred to as "Eggy" and "Haipna". 

He is usually found in New Super Luigi U Community, often drawing pictures of his OC, Haipna, or jumping onto meme bandwagons. He used to post in the Super Smash Bros. community before the migration to the Zelda community. He had taken a long break and completely missed the short move to the Volleyball community. He used to draw Smash Bros Newcomer Tags with obscure characters, as well as draw the occasional Shrek, Donkey Kong and Bigley posts. Drawings featuring OCs other than Haipna herself (most of them before her existence) would be posted onto the YouTube community before the overload of anime drawings. These posts aren't too popular to users in that community, so most posts are put into the community where the Smashers are located.

He isn't a troll, so he usually tries to stay out of trouble, but when the Smashers are in trouble, he'll be there. He has not had a single post deleted from the Zelda community. He rarely has any run-ins with the admins and has only had one two week ban during the events of The Bard's Miiverse After Dark, and is still on his first account. During this ban, he used another Mii, this being Haipna with an orange shirt and an annoyed expression named "NotHaipna". He was banned again in Late-March 2015, this time replacing "NotHaipna" with Hipani, another one of his OCs.

He does not use Miiverse as much these days, but even today, he is still on his first account.


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