On 12/13/14, some "hackers" decided to go in and hack Miiverse by logging on to other users NNIDs and posting weird and abnormal things.

As of now, it's actually a prank led by 11 Ball, confirmed by these guys. Thus allegedadly proving that there was no hacking and it was just a hoax.


Mr.LuigiDude started with a poston the LoZ Community that was supposed to be some scary quote from some

Yidder and Luigi both posted the same shit within a minute, and the posts were actually lined up synchronized and shit on the Zelda Community. That's some spooky shit.

SCP thing that Note knows all about, and then most of the pranksters on the chat over there followed suit afterwards. Everybody got super scared, and then the chat-pranksters posted more and more different quotes, while Yidder kept with the original one.

The Hylians were concerned, wondering who was behind the incident, when Lord Xcano and ODST started researching about this mess. Xcano found out that the supposed leader of the hack was 11 Ball from the wiki LMR. ODST was just calling this some religious illuminati stuff and a shitty gag.

Then the pranksters got tired and they ended with a post saying, "Hello. My name is 11 Ball. I am the liberator of the accounts today. I would like it clear to everyone that I mean no harm, as ten seals still remain. I shall return the accounts and undo the damage I did, but know this: I wake, I see all, And I deem unworthy."

"Let the people believe what they wish." -11 Ball in a text sent to Note.

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