A Hacker is often a mysterious person who tries to find a weak point of something involving technology. On Miiverse a hacker often uses the PC version, uses a person's NNID and guesses a password from the user. Then they'll often try to ban the user, and act completely weird compared to the user's typical actions. One potential hack on Miiverse happened in December 2014. Many people often think 11 Ball may be a hacker; however, this has been unconfirmed. 

Hackers on Miiverse

On Miiverse, a hacker will use the PC version to hack another person's account. While hacking on Miiverse isn't common, one hack happened during December when 11 Ball hacked many people.

If the user decides to mention the word hacker, the Admins will delete and/or ban you, as the Admins think it relates to criminal activity.

Two Faced/Arian.

Main Article: Two Faced/Arian

There has been a method for a long time now to post custom (3D) 400x240 images on any 3DS community, and only one person, Arian can do it. It involves changing the file for Mario Kart 7's title screen image, re-compiling the ROM and changing the ROM ID so it can be identified as any other 3DS game. This has lead to incidents on Miiverse, due to the possibilities of hiding porn in the 3D layer. This Miiverse hack in action


"Chicken is a chicken and acts like a chicken, eats chicken, loves chicken, kills chicken yet is not chicken." Chicken has this on his profile. He hacked MIIVERSE on 03/07/2017. This was called 'THE REIGN OF CHICKEN' and many users MIIs where changed to chicken with exact same bio except for the end "I HACKED BY CHICKEN", Chicken is writing this article about Chicken.


Tim is a NSLU hacker who is infamous for having over 20 accounts. He can unban himself an infinite number of times and posts dumb images and captions such as "Its Just A Prank Bro!" etc. He is still active to this very day and has a HUGE following.


Corn Dog and Candlejack are in 4NARCHY. Little is known about this group including age or whether they are even hackers. While Corn Dog keeps relatively private, Candlejack roams NSLUC.

Miiverse Custom Image Tool

Main Article: Miiverse Custom Image Tool

In February of 2016, a Homebrew application was released by PF2M that allows users with hacked 3DSes to post custom 400x240 images from the SD card to any 3DS community that supports screenshots, similar to what Two Faced/Arian did before. (without official 3D image support) This has led to many users with Homebrew on their 3DSes, such as Lambie PJs, Banana, and PF2M, to start uploading hacked imagery to Miiverse. This has also been used to post pornography to Miiverse on many occasions, and has brought fame to many users.

In-game posts in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS community

Recently, several users have posted in-game posts in the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS community, which is impossible for that game. Most users replied with saying "How did you do that?" or it's a sign that something will be in Smash. One has a screenshot from Rayman Legends and a bad drawing of Rayman, the other, shown to the right, has a drawing of what appears to be Yarn Yoshi. Both posts have now been deleted.

New In-game SSB posts

Two posts from Nintendo Land in the SSB community

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.46.14 PM

Yarn Yoshi in-game post in the SSB community

Almost all of these posts are made with Loadiine, a Wii U backup loader that allows you to run any Wii U game file, which has a Smash Bros. mode letting users override their copy of Smash Bros. with the ISO they want to play. Because of this, any in-game posts made in this mode will be redirected to the Smash Bros. community.

Hacking incidents and events

"Hackers" of 12/11/14

One day a few users on LMR got bored and planned a prank for the Zelda community.

Everything about it can be found here:

Miiverse Announcemetns community spam

Arian and PF2M hacked the Miiverse Announcements Community by wiping all verified user posts and adding their own. They usually made constant spam posts and stuff like "Fuck the admins" and continued to do this for about a week or longer.

Temporary NSLUC death

In late 2016, PF2M accidentally did something to the NSLUC that caused users to not be able to post there anymore. A bunch of users temporarily moved to Panama Club, but it didn't stop there. Suddenly the name and icon for Panama got changed to "General Community" while NSLUC was having its name and icons constantly changed throughout the night. Eventually stuff got fixed and everything went back to normal.

The Miiverse Spam War

The Miiverse Spam War was an event that occurred on February 12, 2017 where a bunch of Miiverse hackers spammed many popular communities in a war over a Miiverse discord server.

= Hackers involved

Also, the real PF2M witnessed the event but didn't participate in it. He made an account after the spam war was over.


It all started about a week before when Talon helped a user with the alias of "Wood Man" with using the hacks Arian released. He was successful in doing so. And soon after, Wood Man posted hentai and some other stuff. Soon after that, Wood Man got a postbot. However, it didn't work, so Talon gave him his, but that didn't work either.

Fast forward a week later. Wood Man found out how to get the post bot to work, and he created a fake PF2M account. He begun spamming Miiverse with "Join the Miiverse discord" links. Talon saw this and got annoyed. He made an account called "Taron" with a racist Mii and he kept spamming "Don't join the Miiverse discord"

The NSLUC got filled with continuous spam, and users began going to different communities. However, leaving was not an easy option. Both Panama Club and the other region NSLUCs got filled with spam as well, so most people just temporarily left the website altogether.

The continuous spamming went on for about a half hour, until Zeast made an account and decided to get involved. Now there were 3 users spamming.The spamming continued for about another half an hour until Nintendo decided to take action. Everyone got an instant permaban. Talon was the first to get it, then Wood Man, then Zeast. After this. Zeast used another account to spam. It got deleted very quick.


  • All of the communities affected reset.
  • Talon got hyperbanned on both his 2ds and 3ds.
  • Wood Man got a hyperban on his main 3ds, but his old 3ds didn't get hyperbanned.
  • Many people left Miiverse temporarily due to many of the popular communities being unusable.


  • Saying hacker on Miiverse will get you banned.
  • The most famous hack was the Miiverse Debug Menu. Saying this will get you banned by the admins.
  • People often mentioned that a user named Goonther was a hacker.
  • There's three types of hackers:
    • White Hat Hackers often find exploits or weakspots, however, they'll notify the company for the flaw.
    • Grey Hat Hackers often find exploits, however they're neutral. If provoked, they could do some damage.
    • Black Hat Hackers are the evil kinds of hackers. They'll ruin data, change passwords, and in Miiverse's case, they'll try to get you banned purposely.

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