NNID Unknown
Age Unknown
Joined December 2013
Community Super Smash Bros
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
HTZSagwa (username) is a user sometimes seen on the SSB4 / Super Smash Bros community or the YouTube community, although this seldom happens nowadays. She isn't that popular, with only around 230 followers.

She has an odd fascination with Sakurai's cat, and has made more than enough posts about the cat. Sometimes a troll, othertimes a sensible person, this user is known for being answering questions on the SSB community, but sometimes misreads the messages.

When she does draw, she sometimes criticizes her own skills, and often just doodles for 30 minutes on a tiny 3DS screen to achieve what she wants.

Nickname tendancies: Normally is male names, such as Chris and Evan, and has strayed to Japanese words and names.


  • "Sooo...I was messing around on google translate today. Apparently flame in spanish means llamas." July 27th, 2014. YouTube Community
  • "I'm an eel." August 17th, 2014. SSB4 / SSB Community


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