NNID uthoughtiwasgone
Age 17
Joined Chrismas of 2014
Community A proud ex-member of the Smashers
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System(s) owned SO WiiuSO N3ds
Birthday March 5th
Alts i_liek_boiz
HEnoStYLe (formally known as HoBoSwAg) is an ex-user to Miiverse that nobody cares about. He was a good friend of Gabriel, Kyon, and Shane, as he too is also homosexual.

During his time on Miiverse, he would regularly troll the Zeldians/Hylians by saying things like "Zelda is the worst series ever, anyone who disagrees is a complete idiot", and because of these comments he is extremely hated in the Zelda community, a feat he takes pride in.


HEnoStYLe is a person with layers, depending on what your personality is. If you come across as an idiot who falls for obvious troll bait, HEnoStYLe will most likely find you amusing and will troll you as much as possible, if you're a member of the YouTube Community, he may drop an "Anime sucks!" bait post from time to time but will mostly sustain a positive personality and has friendly chats with the users who also enjoy anime. If you are apart of The Legend of Zelda Community, you will probably hate this guy for always taunting Zelda and trolling you all on multiple occasions. However, if you are a user whom gives off the aura of a homophobe, HEnoStYLe will simply have nothing to do with you and will just ignore you. Despite this negativity, he is very kind to all of the users who are apart of the Smash Bros. Community, and does not bear any enmity towards any of Smashers, always has their back and never picking sides (unless one side is a Hylian, of course).

He is capable of admitting his flaws and when he is wrong, and fully understands that he isn't perfect. After maturing enough to realize that he really was a jerk to the Hylians, he had enough personality to apologize to all of the people he ever trolled, personally, he received mostly positive feedback from the victims and now lives a life of peace,

Overall, HEnoStYLe has developed as a person for the better, too bad nobody cares about him.

History with Miiverse

HEnoStYLe started Miiverse two years ago, he met a Rosalina account in the original Smash Brothers community and chatted with her daily, about Smash Bros, favorite characters, etc. She was a beautiful illustrator and a very kind person. Unfortunately, after his first ban, he sort of forgot her NNID, so he never saw her again Insert sad music from abused dog commercials It's almost amusing how this friendship seemed so minor when it actually lasted a little over 2 months.

HEnoStYLe decided to look for new friends, he met a very amusing individual named Gabriel. HEnoStYLe noticed he was a Pichu white knight whom got butthurt easily so he decided to have some fun and said original things like "Pichu sucks because he takes damage with all electrical attacks", Gabriel always feel for the bait. Despite this, they usually had friendly chats about other things, such as Pikmin and Pokémin. Gabriel really was a nice guy, so HEnoStYLe friend requested him and played Smash bros 4 with him daily. Although, nothing lasts forever, eventually, Gabriel's constant Pichu/Alph spam got annoying and their friendship slowly grew apart over time. Its so distant now, that talking with him now would be... awkward. They no longer have a strong bond anymore, but still have each other on their Wii U's friends list and we play online once every once in a while or so.

HEnoStYLe eventually settled in the Legend of Zelda community where he met a bisexual user named Kyon. He grew very close with him, and they both private messaged each other, HEnoStYLe gave him advice to ask out a boy in real life, he told him to first actually be that boy's friend, see if you guys are actually have much in common, or if you're just going through a teenage phase where you are just after boys based on their looks. HEnoStYLe is still not sure if Kyon ever asked out that boy, but hopes things are going well for him. Kyon married another user, Shane, and they hosted a beautiful wedding together where HEnoStYLe showed up, crying like the little bitch that he is, and gave their marriage his blessing, on behalf of weeaboos everywhere.

After Smash community divided, HEnoStYLe chose to join the smashers in trolling the Zelda fans, it was a ton of fun, especially when they attempted to troll back. ColdMidna and her henchmen swore to destroy the smashers and they all fled to the Wii U Fit community. By this point, Miiverse wasn't even fun anymore. HEnoStYLe got console banned on his Nintendo Wii U, 3Ds, 3Ds XL, 2Ds, and now he purchased a New Nintendo 3Ds xL, which he hasn't been on Miiverse with, and he never will! as he officially quit Miiverse because he simply got sick of it. Just about all the funny users left and going online for Miiverse everyday was negatively effecting his life, as he missed out on chances to study for his dream school.

Before he left Miiverse, HEnoStYLe sent out apology posts to everyone he ever annoyed on Miiverse (such as Will and Gabriel). Then he posted a comment in the Wii U Fit Community saying goodbye to his very close friends, Kyon, Shane, John, Charmy, and others. He left on a tearful note, leaving behind all the people who treasure his memory. Although he doesn't contact them anymore, their friendship shall last forever.



Especially the Hylians


Mostly just Starbucks


They're quite amusing fellows


Favorite dog breed


Ew, he's gay, let's make a big deal out of him being different!

Cookies and chocolates



Mainly mystery novels


Madoka Magica for life <3

Barnes and Nobel

Book store


Miiverse Admins



Please spare me from the, "YOU WERE A KID TOO!!!!" from all you feminists who faint simply by hearing a rape joke.

Mean/rude people

Basically, people who are arrogant, irresponsible, incompetent and think they're cool when in reality they're just jerks. Yeah, you know who you are.

Homophobic people

..No point in going into details.



As HEnoStYLe quotes, he and Gabriel "almost get along". Despite the fact that everyone hates Gabriel, and the fact that Gabriel struggles to maintain his friendship with HEnoStYLe, HEnoStYLe appeared to like Gabriel a lot, calling him "hilarious" whenever he banned someone simply for disliking Pikmin, or when he got massively butthurt over people trolling him. They argued a lot, and HEnoStYLe trolled him just about everyday and got banned a lot.

Despite this, the two did have friendly chats on topics such as their favorite video game characters and Gabriel really was a nice person, so they became friends and played games online together. In addition, Gabriel forgave HEnoStYLe for being a troll to him and they now share a true friendship (and possible gay bromance) with one another.


Most people on Miiverse have mixed feelings for KingAdam, but HEnoStYLe and KingAdam got along great, with the exception when they got in a heated argument after KingAdam successfully trolled HEnoStYLe. However, in the end, HEnoStYLe admitted he was overreacting and apologized, KingAdam forgave him, and they added each other to their friend's list. Nowadays they play Smash Brothers 4 and Mario Kart 8 online together and haven't fought again sense.


Evilgrapz was a close friend of HEnoStYLe who managed to exchange friend codes with him and play Mario Kart 7 online together.


HEnoStyLe is the person who convinced Kyon to ask out a boy at school that he liked at his school, HEnoStYLe told Kyon the story of how he got in a relationship with someone (who wasn't animated), and he told Kyon that he was going to have to except that their are always going to be people who will reject or even despise him for being gay. In exchange for the advice, Kyon introduced him to an anime called Puella Magi Madoka Magica. and got him hooked on the franchise sense.

HEnoStYLe deeply supports Kyon's homosexual relationship with Shane, and was his best man. When they held their marriage, HEnoStYLe broke down in tears of happiness for the new couple and showed up as Kyon's best man, giving them both his blessing.


Despite the fact that Shane is a huge Zelda fan, Shane and HEnoStYLe share a frienship with each other, due to the fact that Shane (Unlike most Hylians) has enough intelligence to understand that HEnoStYLe is a troll. HEnoStYLe first met Shane through his friend Kyon. After realizing that Shane was a Zelda fan, HEnoStYLe quickly explains go Shane that he is just trolling them! and is not actually a Zelda hater. Shane, however, seems to find his troll bait amusing, because they always fall for it, and even admits himself that "about 90% of all Zelda fans are all morons".


Charmy is HEnoStYLe's waifu on Miiverse. They got married back in 2/13/15 and are in a one-sided loving marriage. Charmy seems to not like HEnoStYLe much, but the latter likes Charmy a lot and flirts with her on occasion. Charmy has blocked him but luckily he got an alternate account, and was able to continue a (one-sided) loving marriage. When HEnoStYLe quit Miiverse, he cried for 1000 years, as he missed Charmy but she, didn't care at all when he left and hasn't given him a seconc thought.


Will is a Zeldian/Hyrulians and like most of the Zelians, despised HEnoStYLe for always showing up in the Zelda community and trolling the Zelda fans by saying things like "The creator himself hates this series, that's a fact" and "The music in this series could use a bit of improvement, such as the geniuses behind Kids Bop albums". HEnoStYLe, however, seemed to like Will a lot as he was easy to troll and they got in multiple flame wars together, usually ending with them both getting banned.

Will, however, did forgive HEnoStYLe for being an asshat, after HEnoStYLe himself appologized to all the Zeldians for always Immaturely spreading unwelcome hate in their community before he quit Miiverse for good. They both now live in peace together but havent contacted each other sense HEnoStYLe's appology.


  • He is 17 years old irl.
  • Like most Miiverse users, he had to make a LMR page for himself because nobody cared enough about him to make one for him.
  • He once went to the YouTube community and posted "Anime sucks!!!" and got over 20 hate replies even though his profile said "I love anime! My favorites are Fairy Tale, Attack on Titan, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Charlotte, and especially My Teen Romantic Comedy Snafu" yet everyone feel for the obvious troll bait anyways.
  • Despite the amount of hate comments he posted in The Zelda Community, he actually really enjoys the Zelda series.

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