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hello good sir

—Grimace's Profile Comment
Grimace is a semi-popular Miiverse user. His Mii is based on Grimace, one of McDonald's mascots. Grimace trashposts in the New Super Luigi U Community. He references, dark humor, and relevant jokes. Grimace's art uses a "controlled-mess" style.

What is Grimace?

As stated above, Grimace is a major McDonald's mascot, with his first appearance being in a 1971 McDonald's commercial. His latest appearance was in 2012. Grimace was often seen with Ronald McDonald and the gang, however in his debut he was an evil beverage thief with 4 arms and the name "The Evil Grimace". The character was characterized as being very confused and idiotic, however Ronald McDonald and friends treated him with respect and protected him from danger.


  • User Grimace's debut was in the Animal Crossing Series Community in 2013
  • He has gotten banned 2 times.
  • He has an LMR account named Grimace36 (Grimace).
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