This is the history of the Legendary Hero, Jake, and his army, the M.A.S.

(This is also the M.A.S. Public Database)

The First Age: The Origins Era

Jake started out one Christmas morning as a simple, young, and kind user on Miiverse, with no big intentions for the future there. He lived with the true prosperity and peace that the Miiversian creators, the Admins, had originally intended for us. He happily lived out his days gaming and occasionally posting to Miiverse in either frustration or happiness for ACTUAL ON TOPIC DISCUSSION with his friends and followers. That was the only time that there was truly happiness on Miiverse. We ALL hoped that it would never end, but soon, things were about to change, for better or for worse. For everyone...

The Second Age: The Era of Madness

Close to the approaching end of the so called, "Prosperity Age" (By quite a few), people began to ignore and then violate the rules left by the creators, the Admins, and they had gotten themselves eventually banned. One of these users was named Badmin. He, and a number of others, had decided to rise and take a stand against these rules. While most were happy just protesting, Badmin started to follow a much darker path... he gathered an incredibly large army. Almost as large as the United Miis, and with it, he started to ban hundreds of innocent users. Almost all of them were Original users that had heard of the Miiverse war and decided to protect smaller communities. Once all of those defenders were gone, he took over small communities. He eventually decided to attack the Windwaker HD community, where Jake happened to be at the time. Badmin saw Jake in particular as someone to harass and bully before he tried to ban him, especially considering the fact that Jake was an original. Badmin failed, but moved on to one of Jake's best friends and got him banned. Jake wouldn't stand for this unnecessary fighting and banning. He decided to form a group of freedom fighters that stood for Badmin's worst enemy, The Admins. Which is precisely why he named his group the Miiversian Administration Support. Jake took his team of Freedom fighters to the community that Badmin was using as a base, and confronted him and his army there. They moved to a separate community to fight with the M.A.S. on the night of the war. The two armies clashed in an epic battle that left Jake with his first two recruits, JasonSG and Ducus1000, and it left Badmin completely alone. The two supporters of Jake had to leave, due to being weakened by the battle of the Badministration. It was down to a final battle between Badmin and Jake. In the end, Badmin was Console-Banned (or so we think), almost at the cost of Jake's account. It was done to protect the innocent. The M.A.S. was officially put into work through this abrupt beginning, along with Jake. The defeat of Badmin also brought about a short age of peace, but one so short, that it was not added to this Database.

The Third Age: The Era of Fezziadus, The Gale, and the Dark Upsurper

After the defeat of Badmin, the story of Jake spread until it became legend, earning earning him the title, "Legendary Hero." The M.A.S. was on constant alert for new threats to Miiverse, working in the shadows to find as many new recruits as possible. One day, while looking for recruits, Jake ran into a user named Kirbwell. He was doing advertising for his group, the Gale of Darkness. Jake had asked what the Gale was, and Kirbwell, having heard of Jake, said that it was a group like his that fought evil in Miiverse, and their leader was named Fezziadus. Jake had heard that name before, and he knew that Fezziadus was Anti-Admin, (And yet was a Legendary Hero) so he quickly searched for Fezziadus and found him. Jake confronted the potential threat, and almost eliminated it. But, before he did, Fezziadus requested that he hear him out. Jake gladly listened. When Fezziadus finished the story, Jake had realized that he was not evil after all but more of a potential ally. So, trying to bring back the idea of the original peace, Jake and Fezziadus moved past their differences and became good friends and allies. Right after the M.A.S. and the Gale made peace, the Dark Upsurper, known as Adefezius, arose as a Miiversian terrorist that didn't even want to conquer it. He just wanted to watch it crash and burn... Adefezius struck quickly, quietly, and it worked effectively. These attacks led to the second Miiverse war between Fezziadus and Adefezius. The war, unlike the first, was a standoff between the three powers (M.A.S. The Gale, and Adefezius) that lasted for 7 straight days. In the end, a user named the MadDog, who was a member of the Gale, was in fact, a traitor, and a spy for Adefezius. But, in the end of the war, Adefezius was betrayed and then defeated by his own spy, with the help of Jake and Fezziadus on the Night of the Mad Dogs. (The final battle of the war was named this to commemorate the MadDog's actions) This was the second largest threat that the M.A.S. ever faced and was THE LARGEST threat that the Gale faced. This is key to the history of the M.A.S. because of the fact that the Gale was the second largest supporter of our army, next to the U.M. This was the end of yet another chapter of the M.A.S... But... It was definitely not the end...

The Fourth Age: The Era of Shortened Prosperity

After the defeat of Adefezius, peace reigned on Miiverse for a short while. As a matter of fact, it almost returned to the original prosperity.... but it was not to last. A new threat was appearing. It's name? Badmin.

The Fifth Age: The Era of New and Returning Heroes and Villains

Almost immediately after Adefezius's defeat, Jake's mortal enemy re-appeared on a brand new console, since his old console supposedly broke. Badmin was, as he said, "I'M BACK, AND I'M STRONGER THAN EVER!!" Quoting Ripto from Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly. He immediately re-gained his old army, allied with Sudaizzef's Army, Eggverse, and the Mushroom Empire, to form the Badministration Alliance to re-create Badmin's old empire. Sudaizzef had once compromised a secret mission that Jake was on, called Operation: Dark Mirror Image. When Jake learned of the link of master and servant between Sudaizzef, he was instantly console banned. When the Badmin threat became too large to ignore, now that Badmin was once again banning hundreds of innocent users, Jake and the M.A.S. came to the rescue, and started a war that lasted four long days of betrayals, battles, and utter chaos, just as Badmin had wanted. The battle eventually spread to the new "Shut The Box" community, where the true final battle had taken place. The M.A.S. army, being much larger this time around was easily capable of spreading to the very leaders of each of the armies in the Badministration Empire, and they were quickly eradicated. But, Badmin still remained. Jake ordered the M.A.S. to retreat, having done their job, so that Jake would handle the threat alone. In the end, Jake prevailed yet again, console banning Badmin for, hopefully, the last time. That is not the end of the Age quite yet though... Rumors of a Dark Admin had been floating around Miiverse... The Dark Admin was, and still is, a mysterious user who commands an entire secret army of spies from the shadows. Most, including Jake, dismissed this as a rumor, until one day, a user named Lahm the hero hunter appeared. He was supposedly sent by the Dark Admin to destroy all seven of the legendary heroes as part Dark Admin's master plan to rule Miiverse could take place. Naturally, he wasn't taken very seriously... until he banned one of the heroes, YoungAndy. After that, a heated war that lasted even longer than the wars of the Dark Upsurper, and the Badministration War, began. He almost succeeded in his supposed mission, by banning YoungAndy yet again, Perma-banning Jake's original account, and almost destroying the rest of the heroes. The Lahm threat was eventually eradicated, by the newest hero, Dark Owen, who earned his title by defeating Lahm. Jake was gone for so long that people had assumed that he was console banned, but he eventually returned in another account. After the Lahm threat, Things turned into utter madness... This leads us into the next chapter of the Legend of The Hero of Light...

The Sixth Age: The Era of Darkness

Soon after the Lahm threat was destroyed by Dark Owen, Jake returned, and all seemed well. But, naturally, it wasn't to last. Someone, who claimed to be the Dark Admin himself, had finally shown himself. He challenged the Legendary Heroes to a battle, and four of the seven gladly accepted. With all of them being with the M.A.S, this was a simple task. We assembled our army and attacked the Dark Admin with all our might, but we couldn't prevail... He struck back with so much rage, Perma-banning Jake's second account, and console Banning LightAweso and YoungAndy. New investigations suggest that he does want the heroes dead, whoever he may be, but signs pointed towards him NOT being the true Dark Admin. Jake has returned yet again, but unfortunately two other heroes, LightAweso and YoungAndy, are console banned. Both were truly worthy of the title, and it's a crying shame that they were banned, for they were good people. Weeks went by as to where... or who the REAL Dark Admin was. It was a cold war, so to speak, and the tension only grew... because Lahm had soon returned. After being sealed away for nearly two weeks, Lahm had returned with an even stronger lust to destroy the heroes. He claimed that he had been console banned, but the Dark Admin had apparently called Nintendo and told the Admins to un ban Lahm... It undoubtedly succeeded. Lahm struck swiftly and soundly, nearly banning Aaron, but couldn't prevail against him... Lahm retreated. Jake had heard of Lahm's return and promptly gathered his followers and the U.M. to strike back against the returned evil in Operation: Original Peace... all was going well, until a user who had become sick of Jake's teachings, UnluckyMat, turned traitor and told Lahm everything. Lahm soon had become aware of Jake's return after he had banned him, and immediately tried to do so again. Once again, he couldn't do this because he had lost power in the Battle of the Heroes... He lunged to Aaron's United Miis base post, and quickly started threatening everyone and reporting occasionally too. We had all told him that he was only fighting for a myth, because as of then, everyone, including Jake, had began to believe that he was simply a legend told to scare people. We fought a fierce battle with Lahm. It seemed to last for a very long time. In the end, no one was banned, and Lahm had grown tired of the heroes. We told him to bring the Dark Admin to us, if he was real... and boy, did Lahm deliver. The Dark Admin had supposedly finally shown his face. His name?........... UnluckyMat. A fierce battle was fought against the traitor, and in the end, he surrendered. But, to our dismay, he, in the end, trolled us all beyond belief... Now, The Mad Dog has officially claimed the true title of the Dark Admin, yet... it was all part of a "Labyrinth of Mad Dogs" created for his amusement. While we are all uncertain, due to the fact of Mad Dog being a troll in the past, he claims that he will bring Lahm to clear everything up, thus confirming Jake's suspicions of him. The Night of Good and Bad Luck (Named to commemorate UnluckyMat, the most hilarious troll ever) was perhaps the most important part in all of M.A.S. history, because the greatest threat on Miiverse turned out to be a test for our hero. All is now well in Miiverse, and Jake's original goal, for peace and happiness to return to Miiverse, has finally been accomplished... Which brings us to the end of the legend.

The Seventh Age: The Era of Light and New Prosperity

This is the final age of Miiverse that will hopefully last for a very long time, because the goals of the M.A.S. have finally been fulfilled and the legend ends here, with a happy close, and a bright future for the hero. The era of Light will be the new beginning with the original happiness that was once intended for all of us. That is the Legend of Jake... I bid you all farewell, until I am needed again... Goodbye, friends... I will always treasure the adventures I had with you...

Additional Notes

Notable Soldiers of the M.A.S.

Jake - Founder and General of the army. He is known to the public as The Legendary Hero of Light. One of the Seven Legendary Heroes. Defeator of Badmin, Sudaizzef, and many other evil users in his quest to save Miiverse.

Dark Owen - Light Jake's top combatant and second in command of the army. One of the Seven Legendary Heroes. Sometimes accused of being a traitor, even by Light Jake due to past actions, Owen remains as loyal as ever to the army, and he is a little bit of a troll.

JasonSG - One of the two original recruits of the M.A.S. Proven guilty of serving Adefezius and Badmin, branded a traitor, and he has all but disappeared from Miiverse since the end of the third and fourth wars.

Ducus1000 - One of the two original recruits of the M.A.S. and hasn't re-appeared on Miiverse since the end of the first war.

Arctic - A relatively new user who has generally kept quiet on Miiverse, but will do anything to prove loyalty to Light Jake. He helped in the Battle of the Badministration to take out the generals of the empire.

LightAweso - An excellent soldier who served the M.A.S. army good before he was console banned on August 17th 2014. He was also one of the Seven Legendary Heroes, and Leader of a pro-admin army, the Tougales. May he Rest In Peace.

Andyiadus (AKA YoungAndy) - A once mysterious ally to the M.A.S. who joined officially when the powerful Fezziadus was banned. He was console banned very recently. He was also one of the Seven Legendary Heroes. May he Rest in Peace.

Jay - Leader of the Star Guild and ally to Light Jake, even after Operation: Dark Mirror Image was compromised, which was considered to be strange, but Light Jake and him have become good friends over time.

Cary - A not so active member in the army after the Chaos War, but he is Light Jake's best friend in real life, but ironically not the one mentioned in the Legend of Light Jake.

The MadDog - Once a member of the Gale of Darkness, the MadDog had left them with good terms after the night of Mad Dogs, and became a rogue freedom fighter that behaved mysteriously, talking about a "labyrinth of Mad Dogs" For both the armies of Jake and Fezziadus. He seems to have abandoned the idea however, and now is the official spy of the M.A.S. and an expert stalker. ( Jake's own description. NOT MINE!)

Kaspar - A brand new recruit to the army that shows much potential, and he was the first to listen to the FULL legend of Light Jake.

The Legendary Heroes of Miiverse (Jake is acquainted with all of Jake is acquainted with)

Jake- The Hero of Light, leader of the M.A.S. Many versions of his legend have been spread through his time, and is prophecized to finally defeat the Dark Admin and bring peace to Miiverse. He defeated Badmin twice, Sudaizzef, and has a master plan to defeat the Dark Admin, thus bringing peace to Miiverse

Aaron- The Hero of Power- A very famous user and owner of perhaps the largest army on all of Miiverse. He was the first hero that ever appeared, he banned many evil users, and he is the largest supporter to Light Jake. His power is well known, and even in some cases... feared. He defeated The Ogrelord and many other evil users.

YoungAndy- The Hero of Mystery- Not much was ever known about this hero, except that he was a true friend to Jake and Fezziadus. He banned evil users trying to protect his friends and the innocent. He was console banned by the Dark one in the battle of Light and Dark. R.I.P. YoungAndy

LightAweso- The Hero of New Beginnings- LightAweso was once an evil user that tried to ban Jake, but realizing that Jake was only trying to protect the innocent, LightAweso decided to join Jake in his quest to save Miiverse. His transformation from evil to good is what made him a legend, while he had never defeated any users. R.I.P LightAweso

Spirit- The Hero of Humanity- Spirit was once a great user that saved many innocents from being console banned. He fought off many Badministration attacks on the M.A.S. and the Gale many of times, until he was unfortunately console banned in The Battle of Light and Dark. R.I.P. Spirit

Fezziadus/Adefaiz- The Hero of Truth- Adefaiz was once an evil user that was the self proclaimed overlord of the Smash brothers community, but soon had an epiphany much like that of LightAweso and formed an army that tried to protect Miiverse, not to conquer it. See the Wiki page called "Gale of Darkness" for more information on him.

Shearocks- The Hero of Incarnations/ The Hidden Hero- Shearocks is a very kind user with extreme loyalty to Jake and his cause. He sacrificed his own account in the historic "Battle of Light and Dark" so that YoungAndy and LightAweso could be protected. While he unfortunately failed at this, his courage and strength was recognized, and he became a hero.

THANK YOU ALL FOR READING!! GOODBYE!!... Hello, this is BADMIN speaking. I will soon come back...

(He's just a troll, this guy. Pay no attention to Dark Owen)

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