Shrek is love, Shrek is life

—Many Miiverse users

Sometimes, people on Miiverse worship fake Gods/Deities, like random game/movie/whatever characters, and even at times, other users. Despite it all being mainly a huge joke, it seemed serious in the land of Miiverse. Many young users didn’t like this, so there was always the risk of a false report. Here's a few popular Gods:

List of Gods/Deities


By far the most popular "God" Bigley is largest thing in the universe, and is the universe. After an epic battle Between Bigley and Shrek the Bigley Bang occurred and created Miiverse. Now Bigley is worshiped by many users of Miiverse called Bigleyists. Bigley is immortal, like a phoenix, so when users stop talking about him we will be brought up again.


While meany may argue that Bigley created Miiverse, there are still many that claim Shrek is actually the "God" of Miiverse. His followers prefer to be called Shrekists, and will get upset with you for not believing in Shrek. Shrek is now not as popular as Bigley, but that doesn't mean he has no devoted fans.


Shrek's evil blue doppelganger. Drek is a mischievous ogre who loves to harm children and burn onion patches. Drek lives in a hole somewhere in Texas, where he waits for unsuspecting Shrekists to stumble upon him. Drek has the ability to fly, shoot lasers out of his eyes, super strength, and the ability to stretch any of his appendages.


Unicron was the first creation of Bigley. He was too big to explore the universe fully, and created Unicron to explore what he could not see. However, Unicron turned evil and betrayed him, destroying the remains of dead communities.


Being one of the most popular Miiverse users, and a creator of Memes, Hatty is pretty much a Miiverse God. Followers of Hattyism have disappeared since Hatty's death, but he still lives on in our hearts.

Masahiro Sakurai

Being the creator of the Kirby series and the SSB games, including the new one, Sakurai has become a god among many users. However, unlike most Miiverse gods, Sakurai is an evil god, who brings tragedy and sorrow upon Miiverse users. He has mercilessly killed off thousands of Rayman, King K Rool and Chrom fans and has brought suffering to Ridley fans.


The most elusive god, Gamzee alters the memories of all who knows about him, making him unrecognizable to his followers. Gamzee has a tendency to get upset and murder people who hate him.


Being possibly the most oldest god, Weegee is a popular meme. He can change a human being into another Weegee by their soulless stare. That's not the only thing a Weegee can do. They can levitate or use energy attacks. He also uses a "Dinner Blaster 9000" to destroy "mortals". Weegees use their own language, called Englee.

The most popluar Weegee is Weegeelolz, however most Weegees on Miiverse barely get any popularity.

Judge Judy

"Judge Judy is the creator of the Heavens and the earth. If you don't believe this, we'll kill you"- The Bible

Judge Judy was one of the first creatures to come into existence when the universe was created. She got really bored one day and decided to go out and spread the seeds of life all over the universe.During Her travels, she met other gods, including Shrek, Sakurai's Cat, and Bigley.

In 1437, Judge Judy faced off with Sanic the HedgeHog, but was cast down and forgotten.


Jebus is Jesus's secret brother, but was exiled to limbo and forgotten, this was because he was always getting high. The thing that really got him was that Jebus refused to use the natural weed which God planted on

Earth, no Jebus insisted on using his own special brand of weed which he created himself using the clouds, so Limbo has now be come mainly fields of weed. He was worshiped by Miis who have Love.

Colonel Sanders

Well, where do you think all of Miiverse's delicious finger lickin' good chicken comes from? It comes from the Colonel, of course! Colonel Sanders was created by Weegee in a top-secret lab somewhere on the Kentucky peninsula, right next to the Pacific ocean. Colonel Sanders broke free of his master and went out into the world to deliver his original recipe chicken to all them fine women.


Lately as of 2016, Harambe quickly became a Miiverse God. He quickly became one of Miiverse's most worshipped deities after the news of his "assassination." Harambe might be dead, but users to the end still worship him for his courage and beauty.

Kanna Kamui

As of late 2017, Kanna Kamui, from Dragon Maid, has gained a cult following (Lead by Pip) on Closedverse, with her even gaining her own community.


Simular to Kanna Kamui, Yosafire, from the RPG game The Grey Garden has gained a cult following (led by PF2M) on Closedverse, getting into countless debates with Arian about whether or not she should have her own community.

Loch Ness Monster

A Miiverse icon who wasn’t very popular, but did become somewhat known. It was said to control space, time, warp reality and even watch over the celestial realm.


Very popular among Hylian females. There was a lot of art of this character and he was almost godlike within the Zelda community users, less so among the actual clans and their members.

Gallery of Gods/Deities

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