O106dqdejtma normal face
NNID Glubby-kun
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community YouTube Community (YTC)
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday 06/15
Alts Glubby-chan (deleted)
Glubby (NNID: Glubby-kun) is a Miiverse artist mostly known for their Homestuck works, as well as their friendly personality. Their friends have dubbed them Glubby-Ninja-Senpai-Sama, after their tendency to 'Yeah' comments without giving any indication they are online. According to some of their comrades, their friendliness, as well as their sharp wits and seemingly endless humorous anecdotes, make conversations with them very enjoyable.

They are one of the two original members of Code Cheeseburger - CC Classic, before it's founder even knew it existed.

Personas, Forms, and Other Names

Glubby goes by many names, whether it was given by their followers or they made it for themself.

Glubby-senpai and Glubby-chan

Glubby had always wanted to make parodies and jokes about cliche anime scenarios, mostly in the romantic genre, therefore creating two forms - Glubby-senpai and Glubby-chan to demonstrate them.
  • Glubby-senpai - The dominant or "seme" character. Represents a stereotypically overprotective and strong male in the relationship. 
  • Glubby-chan - The submissive or "uke" character. Represents a cute, soft feminine character.


Glubbastian is another version of Glubby-senpai, but also a parody of Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler.

Harem Lord

The name "Harem Lord" came from another user as Glubby was asking people to be their "waifbando"'s. Many people have accepted, until one user asked that if they were called "waifbando", what would Glubby be called? Another person replied with the title "Harem Lord".


This name came from the CC, due to Glubby's habit of giving Yeah's to their friends without informing them about their prescence.


Original Characters and Fan Characters

Glubby has a variety of reoccuring characters in some of their posts. Fantrolls - Kannex, Buchen, Ullive, Lynkao, Ayulon, Tsaijo Inklings - Kallum, Steph de la Pod

Original - Imaki Kutsuki, Neru Furigan, Miki Furigan, Kaede

Miiverse Family

  • DStrides (nat-fu-li)
  • Gaara (TheFifthKazekage)
  • Latvia (MaximumItaly)
  • Moodic (t1ckt0ckhonkHONK)
  • Heather (HeatherMeow)
  • mina (FeferiNepeta)
  • Emily (Dashcat21)
  • Davesprite (nepurrtaleijon) [6/20]
  • T3R3Z1 (CH3RRY.R3D)

...And more!

Alternate Accounts

Due to Error Code: 102-2802, Glubby's original NNID (Glubby-senpai) was deleted.

Glubby now has a new NNID (Glubby-kun).

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