Qa3pc3euu6gw normal face
NNID Girrirai
Age Unknown
Joined 10/08/2014
Community New Super Luigi U. Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday 01/02
Alts Unknown

Girri is an artist on Miiverse who mostly MAD stuff. Despite being asexual, she participates in #MAD and draws herself in awkward positions with one of her bæs, Blayez.


Girri originally started using Miiverse when the 3DS was updated to support Miiverse, however, she didn't start posting until she got her Wii U. Her first post was actually just an achievement from Hyrule Warriors because she accidentally enabled the "post to Miiverse" feature. Her first actual post is a drawing that claims "1st actual post" and has her original persona. (crown included) She didn't actually consider using Miiverse until she saw one of Sarge's #MAD posts on the Wii U home. At first, she just posted in activity feed Because she lacked the motivation to pick a community. She tried to stay on topic in TLOZ community but came to realize it was redundant. Now she just posts #MAD and OCs, with occasional text posts.

Her first ban was on December 23rd.

Other Sites

This is her tumblr where she mostly reblogs whatever she finds funny, and anime gifsets. Sometimes reblogs social justice, if the post itself doesn't get out of hand. You can also find her crappy art tag. (If you're not using mobile)

Instagram: girriwi

While she rarely uses this, it is a good place to find her best selfies. Sometimes she randomly adds more.

OC list

  • Damian: Dragon kid who Girri is sexually(?) attracted to.
  • Edmund: Red head with large arm cuff things.
  • Ellis: Lewis's twin brother, lighter, bleach blonde hair. has studied magic his whole life to perfect his magic skills. Signature feature is his lush eyelashes.
  • Lewis: Ellis's twin brother, darker hair color (there's actually a reason for it) and he ties one side back. His hair is more spiky. He shares the lush eyelashes trait with ellis, but he has stronger cheekbones and a more crazed expression.
  • That one goat furry: No name for him yet (considering vendetta). You'll know him when you see him, he's a goat that eats everything.
  • Imari: Another furry, a bunny. Only been drawn for Miiverse once.
  • Another dragon guy: Will be drawn at a later date.
  • Chomp: Big goat monster.
  • ???: Bat monster.

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