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NNID DedLawyer-03
Age 63
Joined 2014
Community Wii Fit U
Followers 56
System(s) owned 3DS
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
Donald Gennaro is a very lovable Miiverse lawyer from Chicago. He became a Smasher sometime in 2014, where he began posting in the Super Smash Bros. community. Gennaro is a bit of a pedophile who enjoys trolling and meandering in the Youtube and Netflix communities. His favorite dinosaur is the Baryonyx.

The Costa Rica Incident

Gennaro was asked to investigate a new theme park on an island off the coast of Costa Rica. It turns out that the park was actually a zoo filled with cloned dinosaurs.

Gennaro was smart enough to know how dangerous this was, and immediately shut the operation down. But he wasn't fest enuff and all the dinos escaped into the jungle. Gennaro and his son, Clayton, went out into the dense jungle to hunt and kill all teh dinosaurs. That was a mistake...

They eventually encountered the great tyrannosaurus. Gennaro and Clayton fought valiantly...but were no match for the T-Rex's brute strength. Gennaro watched helplessly as his son was killed before him. He then ran into a nearby restroom to hide. Unfortunately, the T-Rex tore the restroom apart, leaving Gennaro exposed. The only thing Gennaro had time to say before getting killed was, "Clayton...I'm coming home....".

Tumblr muhz81BEyj1qjjhbco4 250

Gennaro being devoured

After that...

The Tyrannosaurus had made one error: He forgot that Gennaro was a lawyer.

Gennaro was instantly spat out onto the jungle floor, (He was still alive btw) and the T-rex made its way back into the jungle.

Gennaro found Clayton's 3DS laying on the ground, and decided to use Miiverse to honor his fallen son. That's how he found Miiverse.

The Pewdiepie Cult of Death

Gennaro once went into the Youtube Community to troll anime fans, but accidentally stumbled upon a cult of YTCers who worship Pewdiepie led by a girl named CutexGirl;). Gennaro attacked and killed (Banned) several of them, but was no match for their strength. The cult members began spamming his profile with comments like, "I HAVE REPORTED TO THE BIG ONE" over and over again. Gennaro tried to defend himself, but was ultimately overwhelmed and killed.


Gennaro's son, Clayton


After being reincarnated, Gennaro met and fell in love with a boy named Andy. They got married in the YouTube Community and chatted until Andy was permabanned. Gennaro was then single and ready to mingle.

Gennaro used to spend all his free time on Miiverse trolling the Youtubers and Hylians, but got console banned for going a bit too far with some anime fans. Oh well.

Trivia (I guess..)

  • Gennaro is dead now.
  • Gennaro was console banned for saying, "Anime is so lame!!".
  • He's actually an alt for Dr. James 3, who really regrets becoming Gennaro in the first place.
  • He joined the Sanic Group a long time ago, until Sanic got banned for criminal activity and retired.
  • Gennaro actually did a sex roleplay with a girl in the YTC. He got to the part where he took off his pants before getting banned.
  • If you look into Gennaro's mii's eyes for too long, you'll be transported to Vietnam.


Tumblr muhz81BEyj1qjjhbco1 250

Gennaro about to die

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