Gender Bender Week is a special week where Miiverse users change their Mii's gender and/or name to the opposite for the whole week. Some can get as nasty as to switch their personality, so you may be able to see some posts of boys twerking that week. It is one of those sorts of events on Miiverse that is just for fun and is participated by many different users regardless of who they are. It's an event on Miiverse that was started by the users and has caught on with many others. It's also an event that anyone can take part in no matter who they are on Miiverse.

Gender Bender Week dates

  • February ?? 2013
  • August 24–30 2014
  • January 4–10 2015
  • February 1–7 2015
  • July 8 2015 (Wii Fit U Community)
  • July 10 2015 (YouTube Community)
  • February 15 (President's Day) 2016
  • June 25th 2017 (New Super Luigi U Community)
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