Evil Gio
Age 17 (apparently)
Joined When Miiverse was first on the 3ds.
Community YouTube + Wii Fit U
Followers 191 currently (First account had 700+)
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts GeekyFangirl

EvΐlGΐσ (phaniscanon) is a Miiverse user who posts drawings and random text posts. His previous account had 700+ followers but after a permaban, he returned months later (07/06/2015) to delete his account (Gee-UhOh). During this time of Gee-UhOh, he regained 500 followers. He is back (again,again) as phaniscanon.

EvΐlGΐσ tends to post in the Youtube community as he says any other community, especially Wii Fit U Community "gets him banned in minutes".


EvΐlGΐσ's first post was sometime in 2014, but he claims to have been on Miiverse via other accounts since it came to 3DS. His previous accounts used to be known as Sherlock, FilthFrank and IFollowU. He started posting from a regular 3ds during 2014 and returned posting from a New 3DS XL in 2015.

Many people do not like EvΐlGΐσ, due to the fact he is apparently copying Gΐσ (NNID:Gee-Yolo or Gee-Yogurt). EvΐlGΐσ claims to be an evil version of Gΐσ and Gΐσ is said to be fine with the fact EvΐlGΐσ exists, as he isn't a person trying to gain followers from Gΐσ's fanbase.

EvΐlGΐσ announced on his alt CrayZ (GeekyFangirl) the following: "I think I'm going to start afresh,and abandon my EvilGio account.It's been a fun 20 something days but let's face it,I'll get unbanned and be banned straight after.So goodbye everyone,I'll be back as my own person.". This obviously didn't last long, as they returned 3 months later as EvΐlGΐσ.

Popular Posts

EvΐlGΐσ has only ever had 2 posts in the popular section of the YouTube community, both about him having a crush on the miiverse user Gΐσ, it is not confirmed whether or not he was actually telling the truth.

He has also had 1 post in the popular section of the Pokemon Art Academy section, the drawing was of the singer Marina and the Diamonds.


Created Memes

EvΐlGΐσ has created 1 meme, named Gΐσ is Love, Gΐσ is Life. The meme is a parody of popular 4chan story, Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life, edited to fit the Miiverse user Gΐσ.

He claims to be the creator of the "Gio-pocalypse", a time period in Miiverse where everyone was going crazy over Gΐσ and literally every post was about him.


  • He finds Miiverse obnoxious and stupid, but admits to being addicted to the site.
  • He posts that he has big plans, and will reveal these so called "big plans" when he reaches 1000 followers.
  • When he posts the fact he has big plans, he is actually referencing the youtuber SimGMProductions' Glee Spoof series.
  • He blocks anyone that makes FNAF RPS.
  • He's a brony, and doesn't like furries.
  • He likes to draw and acts happy, but reveals to be depressed (diagnosed).
  • He's part of the following fandoms: Doctor Who, In the Flesh, Sims, Stardoll, MLP, Torchwood, Black Butler, Tokyo Ghoul, Highschool DxD, Harry Potter, Hetalia, Marina and the Diamonds, Dramatical Murder, Skyrim, FNAF
  • He all together has gained over 1300 followers, spread over his accounts he has owned.
  • He has had over 9 "EvilGio" accounts
  • "He" isn't actually a he at all,infact,the person behind the account revealed EvilGio as a character.The person behind the account is a 13 year old girl (British) that has left Miiverse to focus more on other social media.Her youtube channel reveals that.

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