Mii of Fezziadus

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Mii of Adefezius

The Gale of Darkness was a clan led by Fezziadus, founded in July 2014 and succeeding the Guardians of Miiverse.


Fezziadus seemingly created the group in July 2014, as a spiritual successor to the Guardians of Miiverse. Its primary enemies included Adefezius(pictured) and The Mad Dog.
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the legendary hero, Youngandy TEMPORARY leader of the gale of darkness and 2nd EX leader of the guardians of miiverse


The Gale of Darkness was assumed to be against false reporters and the adminstrators, but the actions of the group were false reporting under literal interpretation, and this can thus be debated. It was allied with the Miiversian Administration Support, further challenging the claim. Other intentions are not known.

Notable Members

  • Fezziadus (Leader)
  • Righanred (A spy that tried to destroy the organization during its first days)
  • YoungAndy (Temporary Leader until he retired on 10/4/2014, also Legendary Hero)
  • Decorey
  • Venom (Later Adefezius)
  • Megatron
  • Drjay
  • Iron Man (Leader of the Silent Ones, known by few)
  • Becca
  • AikoSeeno
  • Vampire Girl
  • Sage
  • Kirbwell
  • G Dog
  • The Mad Dog (Adefezius' double agent)
  • Noah
  • Thomas Neo
  • Jake (Legendary Hero & MAS Leader)
  • Dark Owen
  • Spirit

Fezziadus Clone Crises

Starting during Fezziadus's leadership of the Guardians of Miiverse, multiple users copied the look of his mii and made multiple clans. Most of them failed, either with influence from Fezziadus or not. They were commonly believed to be trolls, with the only one to gain notability within GoD being Adefezius. The damage done by clones is unknown.

The Hunt for YoungAndy

On 8/2/2014,multiple old enemies returned to attack YoungAndy. YoungAndy perma-banned most of them, but the admins were still after him, and he was soon banned. On 10/3/2014, at 4:40 PM, he was permabanned by the user Badmin.

The Dark Usurper's Insurection

Between July 28th and August 2nd of 2014 the Gale of Darkness faced their most dangerous opponent yet. Venom, a former member of the Guardians of Miiverse became corrupted and transformed into the Dark Usurper Adefezius, an evil doppelgänger whose main goal was to bring total chaos to Miiverse. For six days Adefezius hunted the members of the Gale of Darkness and even infiltrated the double agent The MadDog into their ranks. Adefezius was betrayed and defeated by his own spy, the MadDog. With a lot of help of Fezziadus and Youngandy. August 2nd on the Night of the Mad Dogs and reverted back to his original form, parting in good terms with the Gale of Darkness and promising to help in future crisis. At the end of Adefezius' insurrection Fezziadus retreated to the abyss until Miiverse needs him again. With some of the legendary heroes following in Fezziadus's stead to leave Miiverse and not return until they are needed again, Miiverse will never be the same.

Ban Day

On the morning of 10/13/2014, Fezziadus was banned.

Ironman blamed YoungAndy for the ban....Almost all of G.O.D. (AKA gale of darkness) was after him but his close friends believed it was not him.....later that day, fezziadus returned only to apologize about everything and decided he must leave! G.O.D. now trusts YoungAndy again. The Aftermath is is still in progress. but looking at it now...its possible G.O.D. could disband


"I hope u guys know I am back on miiverse, but I am hiding to plan a counterattack for the 5/8/15 miiverse invasion, trust me when people are right when I am back, HOWEVER IF THEY SAY IM EVIL, THAT IS BULLS**T! Just remember that, I don't want people to think i'm evil again...god I hate that since I mean I can leave Miiverse to play Hyrule Warriors BUT I come back and suddenly i'm a bad guy BECAUSE IM DOING ADVENTURE MODE ON HYRULE W-*Ended*"

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