154iuvaier6jg normal face


NNID Gee-yogurt
Age 18
Joined October 4th, 2014
Community YouTube Community,

New Super Luigi U Community

Followers 9,418 (Main)

20,650 (Alt)

System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday May 9th
Alts Gee-yolo

Gΐσ is a popular Miiverse user who typically posts on the YouTube Community. He is popular on the community for his impressive detailed drawings which have garnered the attention of other Miiverse Artists. He claims that most of his artwork takes about an hour or two to complete. He is also a big supporter of other Miiverse Artists and is a fan of YouTube and Nintendo as a whole. He has 20,757 followers on Miiverse and he follows 1,000 users, making him one of the most popular non-verified users on Miiverse. He's also a high school student.

As of April 11th, 2015, he became a Wii U owner. His new main is Gee-yogurt. Gio's main has 8,482 followers, he's made 100+ posts, and has followed about 946 users.

His Wii U account is his main account.


Gee-Yolo (Alt Account - inactive)


253 posts | 940,878 Posts/Comments Yeahed | Following 1,000 | 20,650 Followers

Gee-Yogurt (Main Account - Active)

Wii U

296 posts | 123,489 Posts/Comments Yeahed | 100 Friends | Following 1,000 | 9,418 Followers


  • He joined Miiverse on 10/04/2014.
  • He gets a lot of hate due to being popular, or Yeahing posts.
  • He is one of the most popular users in the YouTube Community.

Other Social Medias


Deviant Art:

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