Gates of Eggmanland
Date Started Unknown
Date Ended Unknown
Community Wii Sports Club series community
Notable Users Involved Geo, Jarhead, Icepick, Deadfish, Pit, Morshu, C. Falcon, Waluigi, Frutz and Teddy
Freege is a Fascist clan on Miiverse led by Negman/GEO. It has been called Eggmanland and GEO Empire at certain points of its existence.


The name "Freege" comes from the Dukedom of Freege in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. More information on that on Fire Emblem Wiki. Its also where the coat of arms featured in all of Freeges claim posts come from.


The group started as GEOs main friends joined miiverse and became very popular, being more powerful than the Eggverse, with approximately 100 supporters in total. The group's headquarters were the Sonic Lost World Community, and to this day, they still claim to own the community. They also had the Shining Force: Sword of Hajya community, the Brawl Brothers community and the Codename STEAM community, with quite a few more. Negman's posts often housed activity for this empire.

On December 12th, 2015, Freege and Morimoto fused into a dual monarchy. Morimoto gained the mighty military of Freege at his disposal and Freege had gotten a vast empire of land. Now the monarchs GEO and Morimoto have land and military at the strongest level making a true empire and a union in heaven.

Following the Miiverse Redesign, a great amount of unoccupied communities were discovered in the Wii Sports Community, leading Eggmanland to be rebranded as Freege and becoming the most well known territorial clan ever. Behind Freege lies several divisions: Inner Freege more directly led by GEO, Dozel led by GEOs best friend Deadfish better known as the Duke of Dozel and Velthomer led by GEOs trusted friend Boil (Falcon). Eventually the groups old enemy: The Disgraced Duke of Jungby Reuben(Morshu) joined Freege and after being restored to power in Jungby was made a Dukedom in Freege too; with its coat of arms now featured in their claim posts. They seem to represent Fascist Italy, and prioritize Southern Europe above all.

Takeover of Italy

On September 18th, 2015, Freege, in a hostile takeover, rooted in its true goals, took all of the Italian communities for their leader Negman, who himself has spoken about offering SoullesPro a few consolation communities for this, and whoever was negatively affected.

ITA Centre Club Disputes

Eggmanland has seen some revolt from a user named AnkurZ in the ITA Centre Club, though SoullesPro decided to let go of Italy. Otherwise, its safe to say that Eggmanland owns the Italian communities now (at that time, AnkurZ controls the Centre club) though they're still waiting to give those consolation communities.

Between September 18th to September 23rd, 2015, Ankurz gives up his revolt in the ITA Centre community, on the basis that he will pass the torch to SoullesPro, who was there even before him. This is coming out to be an awesome ongoing adventure to some.

However, SoullesPro took over all the France communities to make up for losing Italy to Eggmanland. To make up for Italy, Freege planned some consolation communities. These consolation communities are the Spanish clubs. They were planned to be awarded to SoullesPro, when it becomes near universally excepted that GEO is the owner of the Italian club communities. When GEO then owns ITA, GEO proclaims Freege's hero Benito Mussolini owns the ITA communities now.

The Spaghetti Empire then invaded the ITA Centre Club between November 3rd and November 21st, 2015. This angered Freege, as they were the first one who conquered it. Then a dispute emerged, as big as the Manitoba Club dispute. Freege has won this dispute and has regained control of ITA Centre Club much to GEO's delight.

On 2/20/16, the Spaghetti spammers have come back to invade the community again, marking this the third ITA invasion. Luckily the Freege Fighters ward off Spaghetti from ITA Centre. Nonetheless, the Spaghetti spammers spread and retreated to Norway and UK Southeast. Freege-Morimoto then managed to defend Norway and keep the UK Southeast under Dooku's flag.

On 2/24/16, Bigley announced a ceasefire, from reports that another Smasher/Zelda War will happen.

Spanish Treaty (9/22/15-10/02/15)

Eggmanland now has full control of ITA Centre Club as Ankurz got banned on September 22nd, 2015. (They also made a funeral post for Ankurz). Negman implies that France is a bigger dispute than Spain, and actively avoids the Spanish question. Icepick conquers southwest France for Freege. Icepick and Eggmanland is currently making negotiations with Morimoto concerning the Spanish clubs. Morimoto received the Spanish communities in exchange of Netherlands, Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, and a UK community. Negman after some time decided Morimoto can keep any of the UK communities he offered. This is partially due to Negman only intent on conquering the UK was for his friend Count Dooku but Dooku told Negman he wont be using miiverse anymore so Negman decided Morimoto can have it. Eventually Dooku still decided to get the SE England community. Negman also is intent on offering Morimoto help in any 2 communities he pleases.

The Bloomindalian Knights

In little time, GEO and the Bloomindalian knights(Freegian knights if you want) found their next teammate and destination: Rin, the "Princess of the New Zealand, Nova Scotia and Maryland communities" was in need of help against invaders. GEO sent a message that "if she joined the force of Freege/Eggmanland/GEO Empire they would protect her power on the community's" (the idea is that both her and Freege own these communities though she owns it more directly, the same thing applies to Icepick, a Bloomindalian knight on SW France) through his knight Falcon. She accepted, and thereby starts the next crusade of the Bloomindalian Knights, now in her communities. Freege have been successful in reinforcing her control of Nova Scotia and New Zealand, and now their final target is Maryland.

With powerful success, the crusaders of Freege found themselves thrust into the powerful landowner Morimoto's problems in 2 of his territories: the North Dakota and Manitoba communities, which have been in the middle of intense invasions. In the North Dakota community, the noble leader of the Electric Glows SkylarBlue had been badly pounding Morimoto's power in the place, so the Bloomindalian knights and their new recruit Princess Rin pour in. In a moderate amount of time, the problem is solved after SkylarBlue offers them her loyalty to Morimoto, in exchange for the 2 to share power of the North Dakota community. Freege as a whole accepts this deal and currently they're pressuring Morimoto to accept it knowing this will really benefit him in the end. Morimoto accepted.

Now their next battle lies in the Manitoba community fighting against the cunning Jasper, ringleader of the problems going on in Manitoba. Manitoba became the place of a 1 month long dispute, called the Manitoba Club Dispute.


Freege has all of Oceania with Australia being owned by lord Captain Falcon and New Zealand being owned by Freege operative Rin. There has been a dispute between Freege and a Emperor P over the ownership of Australia. Emperor P has been fighting for the "Sith Empire" and Freege proclaims Freege had it first. What resulted is a dispute for the week. Eventually Count Dooku agreed Australia is Freege's and now its only a matter of time when Emperor P stops. As of 5/5/2016, Emperor P apparently stopped.


Frutz is a powerful user who conquered the Quebec club offering it as a NSLU residence. As time went on he got the idea of joining Freege. At this point he managed to impressively conquer Alberta and Uruguay with ease. While not pertaining to Wii Sports Club he also managed to conquer the Space Lift Danger Panic! community and Asterix The Mansions of the Gods Community

Miscellaneous Adventures in America

C. Falcon took over California for Freege, deciding it may help in the future. Afterwards, Freege took over Massachusetts, to give it to Dooku, after being given Madeira by him. Apparently, Dooku lacks the resources to govern the place, so Freege has been acting as a trustee towards Massachusetts. Freege also took over the Maine club, for similar intentions. Besides that, Freege reclaimed New Mexico, along with allowing users Geoff and Pengin ownership in New Mexico too. Eventually Freege invaded Colorado, facing resistance from Ganster himself and Lighthero. Ganster is semi aided by Team Plasma Leader LELBeouf, until Freege does a joke invasion of Prince Edward Island. Eventually, Colorado is taken over by Freege, and Colorado community local Lighthero is put in charge, after he joins Freege to govern it.


Freege is a territorial clan, and thus attempts to "occupy" as many communities as possible. In this regard, they seem to represent Fascist Italy, prioritizing Southern Europe above all. They are "fused" with Morimoto, which is actually just combining the two names to make everyone happy, and own the largest amount of communities on Miiverse. They rarely or never get involved in reporting conflicts, as they are only interested in owning territory and nothing else. This group has a more active Real Life Component since most of the main members know each other in Real Life.

As Eggmanland, the group was a member of the Confederation of FreeMiiverse.

The group's purpose is to spread fascism, though it is unknown how they believe to do this.


  • The group's purpose is to spread fascism, though it is unknown how they believe to do this.
  • The clan has its own wikia, known as GEOadventure Wiki.
  • At one point, they planned to merge with the LoMM, but this never materialised.
  • There was an estimate of 100 members, but due to a Freege practice that favors putting loyaler members in the fray 20 at best are consistently fighting for Freege so they're more like 20 people.
  • They have a cipher called Bloomindalian.
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