NNID Final_Floyd
Age 13
Joined December 27th, 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 1038+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday April 8th

Floyd (Final_Floyd) is a popular Smasher who is close to a console ban. He draws sometimes, and is a huge fan of the MOTHER series; his favorite/favourite character being Lucas.


  • Floyd was originally called Seth.
  • Floyd was LuciMAYBE at one time.
  • One of the Miis that Floyd uses of the MOTHER 3 series is the character, Lucas, (AKA Commander Lucas).
  • Floyd's Mii is based off of the character Floyd from the fan game MOTHER 4.
  • He has a YouTube Channel.
  • He's SpineMouth's sister. Yes, sister.


  • "'Are you feeling it Mr.Shulk?'"
  • "Help I'm getting unfollowed and followed by someone named 'DEEZ NUTZ' send help."
  • "Looking up images on Yahoo is like hell."
  • "Go to the YTC and only breathe every time you see a fnaf post, don't worry, you'll live."
  • "200cc Sonic Racing suit Toad Harbour City escape blasting on full volume SANIC ADVENTAR 2"
  • "Meryl X Floyd"
  • "i learned some psi guys"
  • "too much memes aren't good for your health"
  • "you guys make me want to slit my throat with a boxcutter."

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