Welcome to Progressive, now, prepare to die.

—Flo E. (Flowelz)

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1ckd5vh2nd1ta not a normal face

NNID MeepDay
Age 14
Joined December 28th, 2014
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 195 (On permabanned main)
System(s) owned SO Wiiu
Birthday February 2002
Alts LoneSpaceRanger (Perma'd), ToneeRoks2Dae, Chipluminati, FlowelzXEveryone
Phone Pics 013

His selfie

Flowelz is a very, very sarcastic trashposting user (He doesn't use his Flowelz account for trashposting anymore. He uses it for art, Splatoon and messaging. His other accounst are full trash, however). There was once a time he wasn't such a butt, however. When he first joined, he was an on-topic poster in the Disney Infinity 2.0, Nintendo Land and, ironically, the New Super Luigi U Community. He now posts in many of the Wii Sports Club Communities and the New Super Luigi U Community. Flowelz also occasionally posts comical pixel art that feature references or funny alternate versions of games he calls "Pixel Parodies". His LMR username is FloweyCasanova.

​How He Joined the Smashers

Once upon a time, a 12 year old kid opened a Christmas present with a Wii U, Nintendoland, New Super Mario Bros. U/New Super Luigi Bros. U and Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition. That kid, Flowelz, created a Miiverse account with the mii name "GrammarBoy" and began correcting everyone's grammar in the DI 2.0 Edition Community. As you can probably tell, Flowelz was a butt from the beginning; until of course he started recieving admin notifications for hateful/bullying content and off-topic posting. By then, Flowelz was fed up with admins until one day he saw a user named "MR. COOL" in his users with similar interests. MR. COOL was a user in the Wii Fit U Community and had just made a post talking about "dank memes". GrammarBoy didn't know what a dank "may-may" was, but he liked the sound of it. He changed his mii name to Gogglez and joined the community.

​Mii Names

Since joining the Smashers, Flowelz has changed his mii name many times (the guy just couldn't make up his frigging mind). Here's a list of all his mii names.

  • GrammarBoy
  • Gogglez
  • GogglEDGE
  • Schnozlez
  • Bubblez (Gender Bent)
  • Cringlez
  • Pringlez
  • NotSoRough
  • Liquid
  • SpineHead
  • GogglezIRL
  • And hopefully, his final evolutions, FLOWELZ and WACKY!

Some Cool Nurds

Since becoming a dank memer, Flowelz has made some friends he calls, "Cool Nurds". Their names are Sydneh :^) (sydneycat2003, Marx-LingSempai), Fluid (FabulousMyHairIs), Rindetta (HIT_TEH_QUAN), Ava (LunartheUmbreon1) and CherryBomb (GamerGirl2002).


  • His initials spell CAW and he lives in KY (Kentucky, United States). His mii name WacKY is an anagram of his initials and state (clever, eh?).
  • His Flowelz mii is based off of Flowey from Undertale.
  • He's triracial (yes, that's a thing) and hates the Moon Man meme and Donald Trump with all of his heart
  • He used to wear oversized goggles in place of glasses.

Le Galleria de Flowelz


He's also a Don't Hug Me I'm Scared fan

Pacha squid

And a Mortal Kombat fan...


Did he mention he hates Donald Trump?

Not okeh

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