Flame Wars are a common type of argument on Miiverse, usually found in the YouTube Community. These wars are usually caused by one user stating their opinion, then being attacked by other users that disagree with the statement. These wars often get into the popular posts, and many trolls have started to trigger flame wars for fun.

Common Flame Wars on Miiverse

  • Opinions on Anime
  • SSB character suggestions (specifically Ridley or any of Adriel's requests)
  • Opinions on Pewdiepie
  • Opinions on Smosh
  • (Insert game here) sucks
  • An opinion where you think something terrible is good.
  • An opinion where you think something good is terrible.
  • Opinions on Bigley
  • Opinions on Shrek
  • Opinions on FNaF
  • Anything having to do with religion
  • Anything that has to do with sexual orientation
  • DBZ
  • Who will win: ___ or ___?
  • Trolls
  • Saying 'PS4/Xbox One is better than Wii U'
  • Saying that Nintendo needs to be a third party developer
  • Opinions in general
  • I'm the real (insert famous Youtuber here)
  • Overpowered OCs/Godmodding in an RP
  • Mary Sues/Gary Stus in an RP
  • Furries vs. Cloppers
  • Anything related to Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Religion debates


It's a matter of opinion. If you think Bigley is stupid or if Ridley is too big, that's your opinion. Don't let anyone make you think something you don't like is good or vice versa. Also don't shove it down our throats and show some tolerance.

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