NNID TheRealFirlow
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Varies.
Followers 355+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 06/18
Alts TheSecondFirlow

Firlow (NNID: TheRealFirlow) is a Miiverse user who posts about various Nintendo topics.


He posted mostly in the Activity Feed in order to avoid getting false reported and banned. Due to this, however, he is not widely known. In the Activity Feed, Firflow often posts screenshots, his thoughts and opinions about games, and sometimes he likes to post about anything that's new, such as Nintendo news or games.

After the Miiverse Redesign, he posted in communties for games he owns, such as the Fire Emblem Fates Community, the Super Mario Maker Community, and the Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Community.


  • Declan (ItsMyAlt)
  • Craig (smaffie)
  • Ethan (Eth-atron.01)


  • Main:TheRealFirlow (Inactive)
  • Alt:TheSecondFirlow (Inactive)


  • His favorite Nintendo characters are Wario and Bowser.
SamTron's Cold Armadillos

The Armadillos: Ben, PB, Declan, AceBen, DaRrEN, Ryan, Dov, Craig, Firlow, Ryan(CaptainMario_777), John, Marco Polo, Buster, McMeSki, Piano, Nathan, Omega★Star, Ethan, Link, Mike

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