Fire (Firethelight2)


1jaih1c5p9kkx normal face

NNID Firethelight2
Age 14
Joined 12/25/2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 101
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 12/17
Alts Fire(NNid:Backupfire5)

Fire (NNID:Firethelight2) Is a followbomber who mainly posts on the New Super Luigi U community. He Currently has over 100 followers and is following over 260. His real name is John, he also likes to be called Fire, Glitch and of course, GlitchWolf. He is currently living in America.  


Before the redesign Fire was a User who posted on the original smash communtiy and the YouTube Community (YTC). He had a constant struggle for popularity mainly trying to get to triple-digit followers. He constantly spammed "Follow For Follow" posts until he made a few friends, even then he still yearned for popularity. At least until the redesign.


After the redesign he turned over a new leaf. Gone were the days of begging for followers, Now he tried to Gain followers by posting witty or sarcastic remarks. His posts get 5-10 yeahs on average. He also is a followbomber, Following everybody he sees. He constantly hangs out with his friends as well as posting on the New Super Luigi U Community. Though he did surpass his original goal of getting 100 followers,He Is more happy with the things happening to him than his original goal.


  • "I may be a werewolf but I'm a werewolf with high standards,At least when it comes to Miiverse posts"
  • "*Trashposting intensifies*"
  • "A multitude of Anything>Something posts"


  • Fire often refers to himself as a werewolf or the big bad wolf. Although others just think of him as "A glitch in the matrix".
  • Despite his old Mii he actually isn't a furry, GlitchFest was just a Halloween Mii he was too lazy to change.

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