FireIcarus Mii
NNID alexhos
Age Unknown
Joined January 1st, 2014
Community Unknown
Followers 113
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

FireIcarus is a Miiverse user who absolutely LOVES Fire Emblem. His mains in Smash are Marth and Ike. He thinks that Seliph should be an alt. for Marth and that Impa and N should be in Smash as well. He does not believe in the Smash leaks that are going on. His favorite Nintendo character is Lucina and his most requested characters before they were confirmed were Palutena and, yours truly, Lucina!


His NNID is alexhos. On Miiverse he mostly draws Fire Emblem stuff and has around 15 followers on his not banned account (Seliph). He is a great friend of the 4 Calebs. He once tried to put a new Smash Community in the Qix Community, but that failed, causing the Qix War - and that's always fun! He was formerly Pr.ofSablé with a Prince of Sablé Mii, but that just didn't stick. At the moment his Alt. account is where he is cosplaying as Ice Man from Mega Man (formerly Seliph, Roy, etc.). He has come out and directly said that his Alt. is in an identity crisis (that's healthy, kids!) on his profile comment. He also loves good art and is a great artist himself!


  • His favorite food is pizza.
  • He likes Melee Pichu more than Melee Roy and Melee Mewtwo.
  • He is hoping for a New Mysterious Murasame Castle.

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