NNID ShinzuTheCreator
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community YouTube community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown

Welcome to Finn's profile, where The Power of Fan Service never ends! :P

—His Profile Comment

Finn (Aka Shinzu, NNID: ShinzuTheCreator) is a talented Miiverse Artist who mostly draws girls in bikinis or other skimpy outfits on the Youtube Community. He currently has a strong fanbase, with each of his posts getting up to 1000 yeahs.

He also has a Deviantart account. One day, a user named Nostalgic came up to Finn and said it's inappropriate for Miiverse. How did he respond? He responded that it is totally ok, this then started a rivalry between the two and changed Nostalgic's life forever. 

Finn Debates

Most of these debates are basically X attacks Y with reasonable response, Y counterattacks with insult and overused response, debate goes for too long, and no one's mind changes. It's pointless and it's just a waste of time. Arguments that he's used in the past include "Don't respect my art? Get outta here", "Admins are humans so they like my art", "Kids will find out", "It's the parents fault for putting their kids on Miiverse", and "People love it lololololololol"



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