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Filthy Frank is an absurd style comedy YouTuber who is an extreme personality of George "Joji" Miller. He has his own universe of characters and people, ranging from Pink Guy to Prometheous to Santa's Brother. His videos are extraordinarily quotable, with one liners like "ey b0ss", "can i habe de pusi", and "THAT'S EDGY" which have earned him meme status on Miiverse and LMR, with people planting quotes of his on posts and using many of his reaction GIFs and videos (the most used being "HILARIOUS AND ORIGINAL" and "IT'S TIME TO STOP"). It's not uncommon to see users create drawings of him and his characters, like Pink Guy and Chin Chin, in the NSLU community.


Our story begins many chromosomes ago... (aka 2006), when George Miller created a YouTube account named "2cool4u92". This account only has one video, which was uploaded on October 17, 2006. This video is, like the channel, titled "2cool4u92". This video is only 11 seconds long, but it features multiple golden 2006 gems.

2cool4u92 begins with a friend of Joji's face covering the majority of the frame, accompanied by a high-pitched noise as he jerks his face away from the camera to show a 13 year old Joji, clad in a rolled-up long sleeve shirt and baggy pants, standing in his middle school along the hallway. Joji runs his hand through his hair, as if he is unaware of the camera. Then he looks at his friend, who is now standing up, looks back at the camera, and says "breakdaaaaance!".

He then drops to the floor, lowly shouts "go go go! Go!" quickly, signalling his friend to lower the camera, and proceeds to awkwardly breakdance. After the 4 second breakdance, Joji stands up and says "Oh yeah" before the video ends. Two years after 2cool4u92, he made a new channel, DizastaMusic. For this channel, we start at George Miller's.... House? Table? Local shitty restaurant? Who knows. The day is June 19, 2008. Joji is wearing a rasta hat with fake dreadlocks and some tin thing over his face. His friend starts rolling the shitty camera he has and Joji proceeds to run up to a table, jump on it, start dancing like an insane person, and then falls off dramatically. This video is called "Lil Jon falls off a table", and it was, amazingly, the first video uploaded to Filthy Frank's original account (DizastaMusic). It has many comments like "And thus a legend was born" and other generic things such as that, so don't read the comments.

Joji, in true 2008 fashion, followed this video up with "TEMPURA BOYZ SEASON 1 TEASER!! (read description)", a video featuring two of his friends going on very low quality adventures that'll make you say "what the hell?". The video is complete with loud music, static in the background, gray bars on the bottom of the video, the whole nine yards. Oh and "(read description)" in the title to let you know it's important. He never followed this video up with anything other than a blooper reel, so who really knows where the TEMPURA BOYZ SEASON 1 could've gone? The videos after TEMPURA BOYZ were old YouTube style "skit" videos with more bad quality, gray bars, and inconsistent audio, such as "Man gets killed by doctor", "Funny phone call to Sesame Street", and "Never trust a horse" (his last of such videos). The last video featured a friend of Joji's that would appear in some Filthy Frank videos in the future, "Pookie".

2 years later, Joji finally uploaded a brand new video on August 5, 2011, called "Filthy Shit". This was the first video to feature the Filthy Frank character, though this version was missing various current Filthy trademarks, such as the rugged voice (he and his fans call it the "throat cancer" voice), the pushed left hair, etc. In the video he's discussing his rabid diarrhea and how he had a struggle with "shit flying everywhere" and there being no toilet paper. It's a gag video, but it gained popularity and encouraged Joji to make more videos centered around this character.

The first sick beat mixtape that Filthy Frank ever dropped was "Who's The Sucker (Gangster Rap)", written to summarize the struggle of being filthy. This video was uploaded on November 9, 2011.

The final video where Frank's voice was not complete "throat cancer" was in a video that was part of his first series on reading "hater comments", named "@FilthyFrank - Dissing Frank Ep. 2", where he read negative comments from his Twitter feed (most about how he's a "gay f***ot") and responded to them in a gritty/sarcastic manner.

Not far after that video, the introduction of Pink Guy (a character that sings/raps songs who wears a pink body suit; he's sometimes used in public as an eyecatcher/gag creator) was made in a video titled "ME SINGING ADELE", where he sings the lyrics of Adele's "Someone Like You" wrong and ends up going into a ramble saying "SHIT", "DICKS", and "PISS" multiple times, with a couple of giggles mixed in to the cut. Another character like him is introduced in a video named "MR PINK AND FRIENDS", which features Red Dick (a gourmet chef in a red body suit) and aforementioned Pink Guy pulling numerous public stunts, such as breakdancing and crawling in a dollar store, humping someone in an elevator, stealing an umbrella, etc.

More characters like Pink Guy were introduced later in the show, such as Chin Chin, Mr. Magic Man, Salamander Man, and more.

Filthy Frank started getting many, many more views on his videos after the release of "100 Completely Accurate World Accents", a short video that mocked accents and countries across the world, such as English, Japanese, African, etc. He soon followed this video up with "100 Completely Accurate World Accents PART 2", "HOW TO SAY HELLO IN 30 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES", "30 WAYS TO USE THE TOILET", and "HOW TO PICK UP WOMEN IN 30 DIFFERENT CULTURES".

The first special of the Filthy Frank show was created just after the whole "HOW TO" craze, and it was centered on Christmas. The video was titled "FILTHY FRANK CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR (ABSOLUTELY FILTHY)". It featured the introduction of Santa's Brother, a character who raps with Pink Guy. This video had to be reuploaded however, as the copyright issues with the music he used (Silent Night, Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas) forced the video to be taken off the DizastaMusic account. 

Just after this he released a video called "DO THE HARLEM SHAKE (ORIGINAL)" and well.... You probably already know how that went. This went from 4 dudes in body costumes humping the air to 9 year olds playing Harlem Shake out of their computers and waving their arms.

The Chin Chin Sacrifice series was a 3 part series starring the whole Filthy crew.  Salamander Man had been kidnapped by Chin Chin (the lord of the Filthy Frank universe) after Frank had forgotten to send a daily sacrifice to him. Frank asked his audience to send in videos of themselves sacrificing something of theirs to Chin Chin in hopes to save Salamander Man, with people burning or destroying anything from fedoras to lemons topped with vomit in a bin to Pokemon cards. The final video of the series showcases the best of the sacrifices, along with a skit of Frank getting back Salamander Man from Chin Chin.

justgirlythings is a 2 part series that began on the DizastaMusic channel where Frank would put up a quote from the justgirlythings page and mock it by placing a clip from one of his videos in that was meant to loosely qualify as the equivalent of the quote.

Around the time that the first justgirlythings was released, the Filthy Frank show moved to the former second channel, TVFilthyFrank. The final two videos uploaded to the DizastaMusic channel were letting people know to check out the other channel. The first video uploaded to the TVFilthyFrank channel after it was declared the main channel was "LOSER READS INTERNET COMMENTS", where he reads comments from his many social media pages and remarks on them, such as in his series "LOSER READS HATER COMMENTS".

Soon after the debut of TVFilthyFrank, Pink Guy's album was released. It was a collection of past and present songs from the FilthyFrank show, such as "Anal Beads", "Peanut Butter", etc. The video that featured this album managed to reach over 4 million views, right with Pink Guy's lead single "Kill Yourself", which reached nearly 4 million views.

The most viewed video on the TVFilthyFrank account to date is "WEEABOOS", in which Frank bashes a division of the internet that "goes so far into anime that they think they're Japanese, have sex with body pillows, collect Japanese weapons, and make asses of themselves." He performs a rant and multiple skits in this episode which feature weeaboo norms.

In late 2015, Joji began working with fellow YouTubers iDubbbzTV and MaxMoeFoe, along with Anything 4 Views (who does not have a YouTube channel) on new videos to maximize their absurdist comedy potential. The foursome has consistently produced videos for each channel since, including "Giant Panda Mating Season | Wildlife Documentary" on iDubbbz' channel, "Super Trash Bros. vs. Dankey Kang" on MaxMoeFoe's channel, and the two most popular, gag videos "HAIR CAKE" and "VOMIT CAKE" on FilthyFrank's own channel.

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Filthy Frank - Internet Hall of Fame05:09

Filthy Frank - Internet Hall of Fame

The Gamer From Mars' Internet Hall of Fame video on Filthy Frank.

  • Joji Miller recorded a series of vlogs that he had created for a new channel back in mid-late 2014 in which he would document everyday occurances with the real people behind the characters of the Filthy Frank show. You can find them here in reuploaded form: jojivlogs
  • Filthy Frank videos don't actually represent Joji Miller's opinions. Most of the time at least...
  • A YouTuber named The Gamer From Mars enshrined Filthy Frank into his "Internet Hall of Fame".
  • He is mostly known on LMR for one of his quotes, "It's time to stop."
  • Some Filthy Frank Show videos, mostly on the DizastaMusic channel, have been removed due to copyrighted songs or images. However, many of these videos have been reuploaded by other YouTubers.
  • George Miller's main job is being a musician, while his side job is YouTube.

Joji Miller.

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