Admin hidden by profile comment for being too σωσ

—Fawn's Profile Comment
NNID QueenFawn
Age 18
Joined Unknown
Community Wii Fit U Community

New Super Luigi U Community

Followers 80
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday Unknown
Alts TheCatEmpress (Permabanned)

Fawn is a user who used to post in the Wii Fit U Community, but ended up moving with the rest of the Smashers to the New Super Luigi U Community.

On April 16th, 2015 she left Miiverse to prevent a console ban on her friend's Wii U. But on April 20th, 2015, Fawn returned to Miiverse. She got permanently banned on May 25th, but she eventually came back with a alt/new account. She currently uses Miiverse on her 3DS.


Fawn is a very friendly and kind user. Her favorite kinds of posts are funny jokes and memes. Fawn's a very social user, so she often likes to comment and talk with other users in the Wii Fit U Community. Fawn doesn't really care for community drama and usually minds her own business and continues with her usual posting of memes and such.


  • Fawn finds memes funny.
  • Likes the US soundtrack of Sonic CD more than the Japanese/European version.
    Fav Post

    Her current Favourite Post

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST - With Your xxx, Pierce the Heavens!!03:39

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OST - With Your xxx, Pierce the Heavens!!

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