Fanbase-the-web s-largest-almanac-of-pro-and-college-athletes-built-by-fans-1-
are groups of users who love a common entity. Fanbases exist almost everywhere within Miiverse, ranging from gaming fans, movie fans, or even comic book fans. Despite the large abundance of fans, rabid fans still exists, and some are even willing to false report and ban a user who disagree with a user.

List of Popular Fanbases

  • Super Smash Bros. Fans
  • Legend of Zelda Fans
  • SkyShaymin Fans
  • Dragon Ball Z Fans
  • Anime Fans (Otaku/Weeaboos)
  • Vocaloid Fans
  • Super Mario Fans
  • Sonic Fans
  • Undertale Fans
  • Five Nights at Freddy's Fans
  • Cuphead Fans
  • MOTHER Fans
  • Mega Man Fans
  • The Bard Fans
  • Finn Fans
  • Pokémon Fans
  • Markiplier Fans
  • PewDiePie Fans
  • JackSepticEye Fans
  • Smosh Fans
  • Bigley Fans
  • Mr. Left Fans
  • Nully Fans
  • Hatty Fans
  • Xenoblade Fans
  • Call of Duty Fans
  • Fire Emblem Fans
  • Metroid Fans
  • Retro Gaming Fans
  • Sports Game Fans
  • Doctor Who Fans
  • PlayStation Fans
  • Nintendo Fans
  • Xbox Fans
  • PC Fans
  • Batman Fans
  • Splatoon Fans
  • Xbox Fans
  • Mario Fans
  • Miiverse Fans


Fanbases often talk about their favorite games from a specific franchise, however popular Miiverse Users have developed their own fans. Such example are Mr. Left, The Bard, and even Finn. The Smash Fans seems to be the most dominant fans in Miiverse.


  • Miiverse could have hundreds of fanbases existing within it.
  • Some popular users have their own fanbases.
  • PlayStation and Xbox Fans are the most disliked fans due to their constant bashing on Nintendo's franchises.

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