NNID WiiUlover1220
Age 14
Joined January 2nd, 2014
Community New Super Luigi U
Followers 78
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday December 20
Alts FB1220 X

FB1220 2

I hate you all

—His profile comment
Freeze (formerly FB1220) was a Smasher and somewhat of a Yeah Bomber. He got his Wii U during the Christmas of 2013, but he didn't make his first Miiverse post until January 2nd, 2014. FB1220 thinks this was his worst post, but his posts improved over time. His popular post in the early Super Mario 3D World Community got 17 yeahs, for saying: "what the...." for a level.

Shortly after, he discovered the YouTube Community (YTC) and it was love at first sight. There, he resided for a few months and rarely made game posts.

Then, in December 2014, he decided he had enough of being a YouTube troll and joined the Smashers. He used to make random off topic posts in the Wii Fit U Community like other smashers, until he quit posting there due to Miiverse Redesign and he thought that he couldn't post there anymore. His last post in the Wii Fit U Community was on 5/12/2015, before he went largely inactive and started only making on topic posts.

Then, he came back as a Smasher sometime around New Year's day.

On February 16th, 2016, his main account was permanently banned.

In September 2016, he stopped using Miiverse due to multiple reasons, including poor home internet, only having access to 3DS Miiverse, and just finding Miiverse too cringy. The last time he used Miiverse was in October 2016 for an LMR event.

FB1220 X

FB1220 X is the alt of the somewhat famous FB1220. He was created during a temporary ban that FB1220 (than known as SMG4fan) suffered because of his brother. The account has rarely been used (mostly because of a lack of bans), as the last post was on 3/14/15. As of January 16th, 2016, he only has 15 posts and 220 yeahs. He would have been FB1220s primary account after FB1220 was perma'd, but his Wii U has poor internet connection, leading to him never using it.

you can find his Miiverse profile here

FB1220 2

FB1220 2 is just what it sounds like, another alt. He is the 3DS alt of FB1220. He created the account on April 3rd, 2015, but was to lazy to post and was caught up in Majora's Mask 3D. He made his first post a few days after FB1220 was perma'd.

You can find his Miiverse profile here


FB1220 accidentally discovered this wiki in late December of 2014, back when it was still a joke wiki. He found the pages quite comical and often read then over and over. His personal favorites from back then were "DOOMSDAY" and "Sanic". On December 29th, 2014, he made an account, naming it "FreezeBlade1220" (as that is what "FB" stands for in his Miiverse username). Though he did not make his first edit until January 12th, 2015

In May 2015, due to personal issues, he left LMR and Miiverse, but went on there every once in awhile. However, in December of 2015, he returned to LMR, then Miiverse sometime around New Year's Day. On LMR, he is known for his constant use of swearing and occasional spamming.

On November 6th, 2016, he was blocked from LMR due to LMR's new age limit, a rule which blocked users under the age of 13. This rule blocked around 5 users. Freeze was later unblocked on his 13th birthday, though due to the low activity of the Wiki, he doesn't use it as much as he used to.

You can find his accounts here and here.


Freeze also has a Discord, which he made a guest account around March or April 2016, but made his official account sometime in August. He mostly switched between Discord and LMR instead of using one. However, on November 6th, 2016, he was blocked from LMR due to the new age restriction, making him use only Discord.

On December 20th, he got unblocked due to now not being underage. However, the Wiki was (and currently is) going through a huge activity drop when he was unblocked. So now he mostly uses Discord and looks at LMR occasionally

His Discord is Freeze#5754


Around late June of 2014, FB1220 started making Miiverse series. He started with the series "Super Mario: Galaxy of the Stars" (using the game Super Mario 3D World). It lasted around 10 "episodes" before it was canned due to it's waning popularity.

His next series premiered on July 21st, 2014. It was called "Sonic's Lost Planet" (using the game Sonic Lost World). Despite being much more popular then "Galaxy of the Stars" (with the most popular episodes being episode 1 and episode 3, getting 10 Yeahs each), it only lasted around 6 to 8 "episodes" (note: The reason I don't know how many "episodes" there are is because my Wii U is unplugged and I'm perma'd, so I can't check right now. I'll update as soon as I can). However, it's being considered for a reboot.

His third and final series was called "The Adventures of Mario and Luigi" (using the game New Super Mario Bros U). It only lasted one "episode" due to being practically unknown, only getting 3 yeahs in a week.

He is considering making more series with a different style of episodes. when his Wii U is plugged back in. The series considered are a Smash series, the Sonic's Lost Planet reboot, and two Zelda series (one of them using his 3DS alt "FB1220 2").


  • He tried to start a meme in the Wii Fit U Community by telling people that "jack knows wat u want". No one gave this meme much attention.
  • He suffered around 4 temporary bans before his perma, one was because of his brother, another was for a revenge scheme,
  • He once jokingly supported the Miiverse War. (the post has been deleted but it was fun while it lasted)
  • He stirred up some controversy in the NSLU community by posting "every D you add in XD gives a child cancer". Some users got mad at him. 3 people got a chance to comment before it was taken down by the admins.
  • On February 16th, 2016, he was permanently banned and received a console ban warning, which caused him to limit his use of Miiverse before leaving.
  • He had only reported 2 posts in his entire 2 years on Miiverse
  • His PlayStation network username is the same as his Miiverse username. His Xbox Live account is the same as his Wikia username
  • Has a younger brother who was known as Camo70 (now perma'd due to the update) while on Miiverse. His brother also has an account on the wiki which you can find here
  • The oldest system he owns is a Nintendo 64. The most recent is a Nintendo Switch.
  • Has founded three wikis, all of which are sadly inactive. Those wikis are "The NEW Le Miiverse Resource Wikia (not supported by LMR), Maywood Middle School Wikia (taken down due to backlash), and Filmography Wikia (Was given up on as the first page about a film was a copy and paste from a Wikipedia article).
  • His Wikia username is a mix of the Skylander Freeze-Blade and his birthday, December 20th. Despite this, he has a mixed opinion on the Skylanders franchise.
  • He was once a former rule-breaker on LMR. However, he has since changed.
  • On September 8th, 2016, he was globally blocked on Wikia due to one of his joke alts being mistaken for a previously globalled user. However, the block was fixed 6 days later.

FB1220 X Trivia

  • He started out as 2 different people, one being SMG4fan2 (from back when FB1220 was known as SMG4fan), and the other being called "Solid Snake" (as FB1220 is a fan of Metal Gear) to stop false reporting. Neither of these accounts really caught on with anyone, as Solid Snake's first and only post had no yeahs.
  • Had told Miiverse that FB1220 was planning on quitting Miiverse sometime around the summer of 2016. as of January 16th, this may be false.
  • FB1220 X was planned to be a news channel similar too Wii U News, but was never popular enough to catch on

FB1220 2 Trivia

  • It's actually quite weird that the name is FB1220 2, as this is the third account FB1220 made.
  • He later changed his name to FB1220, as it is the only account he can access right now
  • He can only access Miiverse via this account on 3DS, due to him forgetting the password and using a fake email, as his real email was already being used by his Wii U account


  • "One day I smashed my face into the keyboard and accidentally wrote the Twilight saga"
  • "Steven Universe is overrated"
  • "Seriously, has Snorlax EVER been helpful in smash?
  • "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!!! I hope this gets here fast, I'm using internet explorer"
  • "School is like a free trial. You get to a certain point, then it's like "if you wanna continue pay $45000" "
  • "I swear to anime I rarely pay attention to god"
  • "^ And this is why Donald Trump is becoming president. It's all your fault, jerk" (admin'd)
  • "You know what really grinds my gears? My laptop has the power button right next to the backspace key"
  • "*drinks bleach*" (admin'd)
  • "And then I said stuff"
  • "If you get turned on by Bayonetta you need to go out in the real world and just maybe get turned on by a real girl" (admin'd)
  • "I love the smell of sawdust for some reason"
  • "There's a gun shop right next to a drug store right next to a Chuck-e-Cheese. What do you do?"