How Ewan was formed

Ewan was born in a secret military camp on Baekdu Mountain during North Korea's Japanese occupation and his arrival was prophesied by a double rainbow and marked by the sight of a new star and a swallow in the sky.

NNID EwanMcAwesome
Joined 9/11/01
Community Wii Fit U Community
Followers It depends...
System(s) owned Both
Birthday Unknown
Alts AnotherEwan

LegendaryEwan Shiny_Ewan

Ewan's Life

Ewan's Miiverse life started on his first account, named Ewan, The NNID was Ewanzz, but that account was banned. He made another Ewan account (NNID was Ewanpuhhghbh), then made EwanMcAwesome followed by LegendaryEwan. But then made Shiny_Ewan and then MLG Ewan.

Ewan is a troll on Miiverse and has started a Miiverse War or two...

Maybe three...

Ewan's Stuff

Ewan is the creator of Socky Says. He doesn't really do anything but post about random topics and/or draw. 

His posts are sometimes funny... 

Ewan Today

Ewan is still on Miiverse...

Yeah that is it, this page is a stub, please understand.

Facts about Ewan.

  • Ewan could make it rain on demand, depending on his mood.
  • Ewan shot a record-breaking round of golf in which he achieved 11 holes-in-one, and a total score of 38 - by far the greatest score in history. And it was his first try, having never before played the game.
  • Ewan's not real younger brother Ewen drowned in the family's swimming pool in a mansion in Pyongyang when he was five. Soviet reports claimed that the young future leader might have been responsible for the incident.
  • One of Ewan's former chefs reported in 2004 that the leader developed a taste for nice French wine, lobster and donkey meat.
  • Among Ewan's official titles were: Shining Star of Paektu Mountain, Guiding Sun Ray, Dear Leader, Great Leader, Respected Leader, Brilliant Leader, Sun of Socialism, The Great Sun of Life, Great Man Who Descended From Heaven, Invicible And Ever-Triumphant General and Highest Incarnation of the Revolutionary Comradely Love.
  • North Korean newspaper Minju Joson once reported that Ewan had invented something called the "double bread with meat" and created factories to produce them in order to feed his students and teachers. Given North Korea's anti-American stance it wasn't politic to admit they were in fact hamburgers.
  • According to an official biography posted on the North Korean state web site, that has since been removed, Ewan did not defecate.
  • Ewan loved movies - he had a collection of more than 20,000 - and his 1973 book 'On The Art Of Cinema' became a manual for North Korean directors. Disappointed with their work, however, he took matters into his own hands. No, he didn't direct a film himself, as far as we know. Instead he kidnapped two respected South Korean directors in 1978 (Shin Sang Ok and Choi Eun Hee) and forced them to remake Godzilla. Their movie, Pulgasari, only emerged after the couple were forced to remarry in 1983 having spent years inside labour camps. They eventually escaped on a trip to Vienna, where they fled to the US embassy in 1986.
  • He is the creator of the Socky Says meme.

Ewan Quotes

"How do we know if we are squid or a kid? What if kids are squids and squid are kids. Are we squids?" -05/30/2015

“The charming creature is made purely out of Chaos” No Eggman I pretty sure Chaos has a bit of water in him..." -05/12/15

"Roses are red. Violets are blue. Please, just go to bed, and hail Cthulhu." -05/12/2015

Pew. -05/12/2015

"My favourite anime is Guy gets nosebleed when he sees girl".... -05/11/2015
Rainbow frog

"Fnaf is overrated he should just kill them with a lead pipe"... -05/10/2015


  • Edgy picture.
  • Realistic Squid Kd
  • Cthulhu shall be are overlord.
  • Socky the Sock Puppet

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