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His miis
NNID evilgrapez
Age 13
Joined Unknown
Community Wii Fit U Community most of the time
Followers 800+
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday 7/31/03
Alts EvilGrapez, my bubbles


Evilgrapez or Grapes is a weird Miiverse user that likes grapes and cookies. He also had around 800 followers (rounded up) before he was perma-banned. You can find his profile here He's the editor of a YouTube channel, LittleZbot, which can be found here. He had an alt but Megan got CB'd and now the alt is gone. He was a victim of Giga Gamby's trolling, and now it's forever encased in gold and a YouTube video. He was an admin for the group on Miiverse "League of Mini-Mods" and is also the creator of "SMPC" which eventually died and nobody knows about it anymore.

As of now, he's a musician on [[1]], [[2]], and [[3]]. He hasn't forgotten about Miiverse, though (his Miiverse account is even found on his "Alternate Websites" tab on Soundcloud)

Profile Comment

"Hi there. I'm Evilgrapez. I'm 11, and I often do things that most 11 year olds don't. Or do they? I dunno. You decide.

Check out my upcoming game, Gamebot! /watch?v=CIxnEvF7vBk

I edit videos for a channel! Check it out, if you must. I can't post a link, but it's called LittleZbot.

I also make music that is free-to-use for projects, and upload them to NG. It's up to you to find me, however. D:"


  • "Subscribe to LittleZbot! It will change your life!
  • Probably for the worst though."
  • "*opens and closes printer repeatedly until power goes out*"
  • "I just edited footage for four hours straight, only to realize halfway through that it was worthless because LittleZbot meant to say something else."bangs head on desk*"
  • "Plot twist: I don't have a desk."
  • "I know 'cuz I'm the nose. #TheNoseKnows"

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