NNID evilgrapez
Age Currently 13, On Miiverse, 11
Joined 2014
Community Super Smash Bros., Wii Fit U, Tennis
Followers 700+
System(s) owned SO N3ds
Birthday 7/31/03
Alts EvilGrapez, my bubbles


Evilgrapez is a now perma-banned semi-popular Miiverse user, with about 800 followers (rounded up). He became infamous for being featured in Giga Gamby's video, "Trolling on Miiverse," and spent most of his time making off-topic posts in the Super Smash Bros. Community, and being a part of the LoMM group, which has since disbanded. He aspired to be a game developer and took on multiple game projects, only two of which were actually completed, being Hexagoner and Walls (with the exception of his April Fool's game, Supper Mayo Broth).

Profile Comment

"Hi there. I'm Evilgrapez. I'm 11, and I often do things that most 11 year olds don't. Or do they? I dunno. You decide.

Check out my upcoming game, Gamebot! /watch?v=CIxnEvF7vBk

I edit videos for a channel! Check it out, if you must. I can't post a link, but it's called LittleZbot.

I also make music that is free-to-use for projects, and upload them to NG. It's up to you to find me, however. D:"

Ban Cause

He was perma-banned near the end of 2015, after recieving an unexplained admin notification for a post he made about Kirby, that didn't actually violate the rules. After telling them that they made a mistake, he was almost instantly banned, without, again, any explanation.


Screenshot-2017-5-1 Evilgrapez's Wonderous FAQ of Wonders

A message on his website for visitors who came from Giga Gamby's video.

Since Miiverse, he has taken up music, and is an officially verified artist on Spotify and Shazam, and has even achieved a listing on Google. He has been featured on several Ocular Sounds compilation albums, including their "Best of 2016" mix. He is now co-CEO of his own record label, Deep River Music[1], and is mostly a part of the Monstercat community and posts frequently to Reddit and Twitter. He claims that, to this day, he still gets messages asking him if he's the same Evilgrapez from Giga Gamby's video, and even has a specific message on his website for people who come there for it.

Personal Life

Not too much is known about Evilgrapez's personal life, however, he has stated a few things. He lives in a large family, with him being the youngest of eleven. He suffers from an autism disorder, which he claims causes him to lack social skills and common sense, along with several other defects.


  • He is the video editor for the YouTube channel LittleZbot, and even appears in some episodes. However, he no longer advertises it because "it's utterly embarrassing."
  • He used to be frequently active on the Terraria Community Forums, however he left one day for unexplained reasons, and only returned recently.
  • He often references Miiverse on his Twitter, and states that he does miss it, despite all of his problems with it.
  • One of his alt accounts (HappyFunFacts) is actually now unbanned. However, he forgot the password, so he still can't access it.
  • To this day, he's still good friends with his first follower, SirBen64, and they even released a song on Evilgrapez's first album.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Subscribe to LittleZbot! It will change your life! Probably for the worse though."
  • "*opens and closes printer repeatedly until power goes out*"
  • "I know 'cuz I'm the nose. #TheNoseKnows"
  • "Introducing the Tree RP! Be a tree! Live a tree! Eat a tree! It's all here! Join today! (trees not included)"
  • "Meanwhile, the pineapple grows."
  • "Why did I just make a post about a pineapple growing?"



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