NNID EtikaWNetwork
Age 25
Joined May 25th, 2015
Community Splatoon Community
Followers Unknown
System(s) owned SO Wiiu

SO N3ds

Birthday Unknown
Alts None

Desmond, who is better known as Etika, Etika World Network, EWNetwork, EtikaWNetwork, or YOUNG RAMSAY, is a popular YouTuber from Brooklyn, New York who also has a Miiverse account. He is widely known by Smashers, and many things he has said have become memes.

On Miiverse

Etika has a Miiverse account (NNID: EtikaWNetwork) that is very rarely used. His only activities are yeahing and commenting on posts. He has made 8 posts, three of them being text posts, and five of them being handwritten.

Eat it, cak

Epic Rap Battles of the Wii U: Etika vs. MatPat

On Youtube

Desmond's YouTube channel is EWNetwork, and he has over 200k subscribers. He makes videos based around other videos showing hacks of games such as Smash Bros and Splatoon, most famously the white ink hack. A lot of his popularity came from him overreacting to Nintendo news, specifically to Mewtwo's reveal during the 50-Fact Extravaganza. He uploaded a video where he stated that Chef Gordon Ramsay from Hell's Kitchen had followed him on social media. He thinks that Chef Ramsay saw his "Young Ramsay" video. Etika's videos start with "What's up, everybody, it's Etika from the Etika World Network"(even though there is nobody else) and end with "and always, have yourselves a damn good one." He uploads a variety of content to his channel, such as:

  • Let's Plays
  • "Hentai with Etika"
  • Nintendo Direct/Trailer reactions
  • Reactions to articles or videos
  • Smash Bros. leak thoughts
  • Nintendo News updates
  • Amiibo defects/ customs
  • Smash Bros. Glitch reactions
  • "News Hype videos"
  • "Stuff that gives [him] an erection"
  • Splatoon hacks


MEWTWO DLC REVEAL!!! Etika's First Time Reaction to it!!! "MY D**K" TURN DOWN VOLUME02:09

MEWTWO DLC REVEAL!!! Etika's First Time Reaction to it!!! "MY D**K" TURN DOWN VOLUME

Most of his memes come from the mentioned Mewtwo reaction video, which has over 700 thousand views. Memes from him include, but are not limited to:
  • "MY DICK"
  • Having an erection being a metaphor for hype
  • "Sounds like Xenoblade"
  • Mah N**ga Cobi
  • 12:14 (A Miiverse Meme. Etika forgot to censor a part of his hentai video around the time stamp 12:14)

He is also associated with Mewtwo, Ridley, ShrekSanic, MLG & associated memes, Red Robin, and Female Corrin (his main in Smash).

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