Miiverse mii owen
#Öωεл's Mii
NNID epicman165
Age 14
Joined 2012
Community YouTube Community
Followers +1500
System(s) owned Both
Birthday June 14, 2002
Alts None

Owen (NNID: epicman165) is a Miiverse user with over 1,500+ followers. He gets a lot of his followers by Yeah Bombing and creating pixel art. #Öωεл creates pixel art on the application pixel paint and posts it to Miiverse on the Pixel Paint Community.

He has had troubles with his parents when he got reported for cursing and lost his Wii U for a year. He has gotten a two 2 week bans but no alt accounts have ever been made by him. He he might delete his NNID once he gets permantly banned and make a new one. #Öωεл does not want to lose all his work All of his pixel art posts have 100+ yeahs. He reached his goal of 1000 followers. He has been using iMacros on Google Chrome and has been yeahing everything. He could be the next Yeahbot except, the fact that he actually posts and comments. He has also been giving backwards notifications like PF2M.



  • He is into dubstep.
  • Artists he listens to are Skrillex, deadmau5, and Linkin Parkrk.

Personal Life

He spends his time in real life drawing comics, making pixel art on grid paper, and Djaying. He wants to become an EDM producer and DJ. Öωεл loves to play video games and watch YouTube. As you can tell, pixel art on Miiverse isn't the only thing he does with his life. He is also a 14 year old boy in 9th grade. He has been getting more popular at school ever since he started beatboxing on Instagram. #Öωεл does not have a girlfriend but, he hasn't been trying to get a girlfriend because he has been focusing on EDM producing.

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