Emjoria (Emmy)
3ifgzny8w6zz6 normal face-1-
NNID Emmydos
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 24+
System(s) owned SO N3ds SO Wiiu
Birthday 06/14
Alts Unknown

Emjoria (or Emmy) is a Miiverse user that joined Miiverse in August of 2014. He is not famous by any means, but is perfectly satisfied with "being kinda well-known.". He has interacted with several Miiverse celebrities like Sarge , Sheepy and The Bard . He has received 3 temporary bans since he joined. He routinely posts pictures that he calls "lousy, but get the point across".

He is strongly against RP's and furries, even though he was said to have feelings for Princess Ruto at one point which he denies. Emjoria had made an original character, named Basdef the goron, but he never really caught on. It has been noted that while he can draw, he perfers not to, and uses very quick doodles. Emjoria's greatest role model is Gunpei Yokoi, and he has drawn a few pictures celebrating him.

Freedom Force

Emjoria is the leader of Team Emjoria, a 'Freedom Force' with one goal: to reclaim the Zelda community to its former glory. Team Emjoria's main community is the Horse Vet 3D community, however Emjoria himself posts on the Zelda community.

Permaban & Alternate Account

Emjoria was permanently banned from making comments or posts on January 5th, 2015. However, Emjoria created an alternate account (Emmydos) on Saint Patrick's Day, 2015, effectively rejoining Miiverse.


  • Emjoria has been heard to say the following:
    • "ZELDA RP COMMENT TO JOIN. Actually, RP's are awful and I hate them."
    • "Draw me bro."
  • Emjoria's Waifu is Gardenia from Pokemon D/P/PL and he frequently asks others to draw her.
  • Emjoria is a Hylian and a Smasher. Has he blown your mind yet?
  • Emjoria is working on a YouTube channel.
  • Some of Emjoria's friends in the past are Biz, Derpemily, Kaysune, cool boy, Farflung, and a few others.
  • Emjoria asks people to draw pictures of him frequently to their annoyance.

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