Emilia Dang gurl dat face doe
NNID Unknown
Age Unknown
Joined Unknown
Community Super Smash Bros series community
Followers 1000+
System(s) owned Wii U
Birthday Unknown
Alts Unknown
Emilia is an "artist" on Miiverse. Currently, Emilia has over a 1000 followers on Miiverse. She joined Miiverse on the very first day.

Despite not being well known, she still goes on and does her little drawings. She thinks people out there enjoy them.

Things About Her

  • She likes food.
  • "Food is good."
  • Loves Pop'n Music with a PASSION.
  • Plus Pokemon. Pokemon is fun.
  • Is devoted to Pop'n Music and emoglobins entirely.
  • Doesn't like meanies. Meanies are mean.
  • "AYYYYY."

Her Art on Miiverse

She has a habit of drawing whatever is on her mind. From Indian man selfies with a magical horse, to an agressive cat bothering Elvis, there's a lot to see in her drawings. The drawings shown in this article are some of her favorite drawings.

Her Favorite Characters

Emilia likes too many characters... So to narrow it down, here's her absolute favorites. If you mention any one of these to her, she'll most likely turn into an chicken wing, or something.


The King doesn't approve...

Notable Memes/Things

  • In the raid, why are Piggy's glasses taken, but not he shell? This phrase was used in the Legend of Zelda Community a couple times as a meme after she remarked on how hilarious it sounded. This phrase originated from a typo on a homework packet.
  • Oilime, a messed up version of Emilio created by the Miiverse user Notsmart/Notasha, Oilime likes pineapples, and is known by his trademark Lenny face. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Oilime originated from a drawing Notsmart made when Emilia asked for a drawing of Emilio riding in a car along with a magical horse, accompanied with a chocolate bar.


  • "AYYYYY"
  • "Food is good."
  • "You're all a buncha' blooghs!"
  • "NOICE."


  • Emilia changes a certain line of her profile comment periodically. It's usually just funny things she puts there, but if you pay attention, she also holds prize opportunities. For example, one time she put in her profile comment, "Comment food is good to win a prize!" and eventually a Miiverse user named Dennis commented "food is good" on one of her posts. Dennis recieved a yeahbomb and a custom drawing made by her soon after his comment.
  • She is known to say "AYYYYY" quite a lot.
  • Often draws herself drooling. The drool is a reference to the constant drooling of Emoglobins in Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story.
  • Her favorite word is Puff, and her second favorite word is Syringe.
  • Is known to talk in Engrish, English, and Spanish.
  • She is currently active on Miiverse.
  • She is a competitive Pokemon battler.
  • She's also known for drawing "Elvis", but really it's just The King from Pop'n Music.
  • Her profile picture on LMR is "Xx_MLG OLD MAN_xX", or otherwise known as Mr.Ichijo from Pop'n Music.
  • Her Mii changes constantly.


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