2oyls08ptg3v6 normal face

His most recent Mii.

His Miis.
NNID Awesomedude214 (3DS account)

TheEliteMaster (Wii U account)

Age 13
Joined December 2013
Community New Super Luigi U Community
Followers 500+
System(s) owned SO Wiiu SO N3ds
Birthday 04/30
Alts Elite_James

JamesIsLemons animelover283 (Troll account)

EliteJames is a user who first appeared in the YouTube Community in March of 2014. He was originally just named "James". He was in the YouTube Community for about 4 months, drawing random stuff, until the 1st Miiverse war happened. He moved to the SSB Series Community after this. He became EliteJames shortly after meeting Elite Will.

He continued to post in the Wii Fit U Community with the Smashers until the Miiverse Redesign happened. Since then, he currently posts in the New Super Luigi U Community with them.



  • He joined Miiverse on December 2013, but didn't post anything until March 1st, 2014.
  • His first post was "I love YouTube!"
  • He started off as a 3DS user. He got a Wii U for his birthday (April 30th, 2015).
  • He has Yeah'd over 50,000+ posts.
  • Currently, he's added 30+ friends on Miiverse.
  • His posts get an average of 5-10 Yeahs.
  • His most popular post received over 100 yeahs.
  • He has been temporarily banned twice on his 3DS account.
  • He often trolls the YouTube community by posting "PEWDIEPIE SUCKS"
  • He's received 0 admin notifications on his Wii U account so far.He used to be the apparent dictator of the Soccer Community.
  • He declare himself as the King of Arrows, which is one very popular ongoing meme.
  • He enjoys bacon.
  • He had 500+ followers and followed 100+ users on his 3DS account, and has about 100 followers on his Wii U account and his following about 100 people.
  • The user Radmin once made a fanfiction about EliteJames and EliteJames.
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