On January 29 2015, Eggverse member Bill (SuperKoopaling22) began receiving requests from user John Paul (mac_1500) to join Eggverse Empire. Bill declined all requests and told John to go ask IvoEggman instead, as Bill was not in charge of recruiting members. However, IvoEggman was offline, so John returned to Bill. Bill, again, declined all his requests to join.

The Start of the War

A few hours later, Bill received threats from John Paul reading "I have teamed up with SolMerse. I am bringing back LoMM, [a.k.a., League of Mini Mods]". Bill mockingly replied "uu nuuu we iz sow skard pls halp. Go ahead. Try us! You gonna ban us, or something?" John Paul said he was going to claim Eggverse as property of LoMM. Bill was confused. This random kid, who begged to join Eggverse, was now going to war with them? Bill laughed it off and ignored the threats. But upon further inspection to John's profile, he began posting things like, "I declare war on Eggverse Empire for defeating LoMM. The LoMM will be avenged!" and "I will avenge SolMerse." Bill knew he was serious. But, with IvoEggman offline, AceChaos and Count Dooku banned, Bill couldn't report anything to anyone in the Empire that he knew. He was in serious trouble...

Negman Joins The Battle!!

After a long conversation between SolMerse and John, John and his short-lived clan "John Paul Militia" merged with LoMM. Bill informed SolMerse that John wanted to previously join Eggverse before merging with LoMM. Looking back, Bill saw that all requests to join Eggverse by John were deleted. SolMerse allowed John in, despite these claims.

Bill, now having become acquaintances with SolMerse, begged not to start a war: "If you do [start a war], we will end it. I don't want to fight, SolMerse! You guys seem great. But we'll do what we have to!". Around 10:40 PM, Eastern Time, the user Negman decides to help end the war. "My, my John Paul. What interesting conversations you have." John Paul then says that the war (that he wanted to start) is pointless and that they should all group together with Eggmanland to take on the RoS. Negman replies "We already are." John says "No, but I have confirmed it now."

Negman simply replies with "I must say, you're an awfully ambitious man. Really, my henchman took no ill will to LoMM in that in taking [the Tennis Community] over. We intended to leave it in LoMM's control at the same time because, as I mentioned earlier, I barely govern my communities". However, as IvoEggman once posted, "LoMM no longer owns this place. It's all Madolche Knights territory". John Paul uses this quote to this advantage by saying "How can you defend your organization against this irrefutable evidence of an all-out war against the LoMM? Are you threatening to take over LoMM? Or are you interested in a doable merger?" Negman says that a merger was what he was looking for this whole time, and that it would've happened if the leader of LoMM, Jonathan, didn't reject it around the time of Madolche Knights attacks.

Bill, at around 10:53 AM, Eastern Time, January 30 2015, asked if there was going to be a war or not. Bill doesn't want to fight, but the fact that John Paul continues to declare random wars makes it somewhat likely that one may start. Most recently, Bill made reference to the popular 2011 Volition Inc. game, Saints Row: The Third. The post can be found here: [[1]] and here: [[2]]

The conclusion

It turns out no war was gonna happen, and John Paul was kicked out of LoMM shortly after joining.

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